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Month: October 2012

News Wolves

Originally posted on Howling For Justice:
Nine more wolves were reported slain since YESTERDAY, October 23.   Wake up America!!  Innocent wolves are dying torturous deaths. Pups, mothers, fathers, wolf families destroyed!  This image was sent to a wolf advocate on Christmas Eve 2009 with the message: MERRY CRISTMAS!! Get Active! Organize! This…

Living With Chronic Pain

Why write this post? It is my hope and desire that my life story will help you have a bit more empathy for your family and friends who are suffering with pain.  Animals cannot speak our language and they depend on us humans to pay attention to how they are […]

Thinking About Poop

Howdy, Thinking about poop when owning a horse, donkey or mule is a full-time job.  Is the poop firm enough, too firm, or not enough poop?  Poop in the equine world is a big deal :)  When I was down from the semi truck accident I was constantly asking my […]

Got A Donkey, Horse or Mule?

Howdy, I was thinking it would be great fun to see what your equine look like? I will make a post all about you and your farm equine, send me photo’s, and if you have a video this would be super fun along with a brief description of your farm to […]

Americas Horses, Donkeys and Mules

Here is the link to take action tell Congress NO MORE, you can be a human angel.  You can make a difference! What Can You Do To Help? Please re-blog this post on your blog, ask people to sign congressional bill it’s been sitting in congress too long.  Please select track this bill in […]


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