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The Humble Donkey Carries A Cross

Howdy, I’m thinking about how humble the donkey is without any effort just the way GOD made them.  What if us humans could learn how to be more humble with each human and animal we encounter? I think our world would be much easier to navigate, what do you think? Preparation is the key to success with […]

Got Donkeys In Your Life?


Donkeys Can Be Slow To respond, Slow To Move “Donkeys need us humans to become a person with a plan, most importantly a human the donkey can respect while having no fear. A human trainer using a creative and innovative plan to make things interesting.  Donkeys get bored much faster than the horse […]

Why Do People Call Donkeys Ass?

If you own a donkey you understand the difference between a donkey and a horse for sure!  Perhaps you are considering a donkey? Please understand donkeys & mules (half horse and half donkey) require health just like the horse; shelter, clean mold free low sugar hay, feet trimmed, teeth, veterinarian and one […]

Serenity Prayer

GOD grant us SERENITY to accept the things we cannot change, COURAGE to change the things we can, and WISDOM to know the difference. The extended version: God, grant us the… Serenity to accept things we cannot change, Courage to change the things we can, and the Wisdom to know […]

Summer Hoof Abscess – August 2010

Update – No more abscesses READ custom shoes for Rio.   Rio seems to get an abscess every August or early September.   Living in the wet climate in the Pacific North West and then hot sunshine (August & September) causes moisture and sand particles to get into the white line causing the abscess. […]


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