Sultan the Pit Pony ART

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Sultan the Pit Pony is a spectacular raised-earth sculpture of a horse that extends over 200 meters in Caerphilly

by Mick Petts

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Oboe Our New Gelding Donkey Acts Like A Jack




Oboe one of our two rescue donkeys has no paperwork, lives with Tuba his long time buddy and Rio our Mammoth donkey full-time. I am constantly studying the behavior of the donkey and horses on our farm, teaching world-wide to my virtual students and studying everything I can get my hands on for the personality of equine and humans. Interesting fact; when my mares (horses) go into estrus (we have no female donkeys) Oboe wants to breed. He runs at them ready to reproduce in a hurry and braying frantically. When they go out of his sight on our farm he calls out to them in a panic as if to say ladies get back here now! Yesterday I brought the mares into the barn after getting out on the big pasture for an hour Oboe was looking through his stall like always at the girls and then he turned and mounted Rio our Mammoth donkey, Rio is 16’2 hands tall thank GOD, left liquid on the floor. This behavior is not normal as we have six geldings (donkeys) none of them do this except Obo.  Rio lived with Miss Lily my Palomino mare and Rocket Man one of our three minis for almost seven years before moving to our new farm in Sequim, WA. Interesting fact; Rocket Man was a Jack for many years before being gelded and he has never acted like a Jack.  “This behavior explains one of the reasons why he has been so very difficult to train, Oboe is no doubt proud cut.”

Jennies mount jennies when they are in estrus (heat) ready to get pregnant and the theory is in the wild they are in small groups and the frustration is not so bad as when they are forced to live in small spaces together in large numbers. Again, theory I am not a breeder. I was told that Donkeys prefer their own species to breed and this is clearly not true as Oboe wants to mate with my two horses, they would never tolerate this ever. I find this to be very interesting as why is this happening to this donkey?  Lot’s of questions unanswered as he has no past I can trace. I called my vet asking what this means and what we can do to help him relax and become a regular gelding. I was told I can collect a sample of the liquid and bring it in for a sample if it happens again. So life on the Donkey Whisperer Farm is becoming more and more interesting by the day.

After the Jack (intact donkey) is gelded does his behavior change?

Depends on how long the donkey was a Jack (intact) and what behavior he was authorized to do. Sadly most people get a donkey and throw them out in a pasture and do not pick out the feet, put the halter on and off each day and most certainly do not teach them behavior and manners. Thus why most farriers want nothing to do with trimming a donkey. If a donkey has been authorized to be violent when mating or with another herd members or the owner for years and years and then you geld him more than likely his bad behavior will not change without an expert trainer. The same for females jennies (donkey) or mares (horses) that have been authorized to have naughty/dangerous behavior i.e., biting, kicking, striking, squirting urine and bolting/charging at the human. When this behavior is authorized the equine learns they have the power to be the leader over the human owner, these behaviors are very difficult to fix and in some cases can’t be fixed.


Donkey gelded and confused

Jacks should not be pets

 Donkey Behavior

I am a world-wide virtual coach for you the owner to learn how to train your donkey, horse or mule to have live in a domesticated farm. If you need help with your equine give me a call or send me an e-mail to see if virtual coaching will work for you.

How does virtual coaching work?

You and I meet once a week for one hour via Skype, I give you homework based on the issues you want to resolve with your donkey, mule or horse. If you would like to have a coach, consultant and trainer train you to train your equine from the comfort of your home I am now taking new students. Winter is the perfect time to study and learn what it takes to be a leader with your equine and stay safe. Safety is my number one concern for you and your equine.


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




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Art Hand-Made For Sale ON DONKEY TIME

Art Hand-Made For Sale ON DONKEY TIME


ONDONKEYTIMEARTLARGEFARMlarge on donkey time art

How Can I Order For Christmas?
Small is $55.00 and Large is $80.00. Hand-made by a local artist in Kingston, WA, baked in an oven to have powder coating, hang or stand inside or out. Send an e-mail to with your shipping address, name, quantity, size and a phone number for payment. Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm 360 620-5868


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Never Stop Dreaming and Never Give Up

Never Stop Dreaming and Never Give Up

Riding and preparing Rio for riding in 2009 before the accident

Featured Image -- 29462

After the semi-truck left me disabled with three large screws in my pelvis – Three Years Of Physical Therapy

The Day the barn was completed on our new farm.

Just bought Lily age 20 months 2007 – I trained her myself


Trail riding Miss Lily Dr. Cooks bittless bridle 2009


Riding Miss Lily now 9 on our new farm in Sequim with the donkeys – GOD IS AMAZING!





one of the happiestyou still believe the world to be a beautiful place.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Petitions For The Wild Horses and Donkeys – Greed Sucks

Petitions For The Wild Horses and Donkeys – Greed Sucks


Select Stop Horse, Donkey and Mule Slaughter for Human Consumption

Select Stop The Round Ups of Wild America’s Wild Horses and Burros (wild donkey)

Select Keep Our Wild Horses and Donkeys Wild

Select Wild Horses Free Canada – Slaughtering is done in Mexico and Canada

Select Shelter for the Wild Horses and Donkeys Captured


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





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Icelandic Road Trip – So much rain but a beautiful waterfall

Originally posted on Darwin on the rocks and around the world:

The weather was not much better than the day before, and according to the Icelandic forecast website, it was going to be like this for several days in a row in the Snæfellsnespeninsula. Instead of waiting for a sun that wasn’t going to come out, we decided to take our chance a bit further South. From the guesthouse, we joined road 54, then road 1 near Borgarnes before taking road 50 towards more waterfalls !! On our way, we stopped to see more Icelandic horses and some cattle.

We finally arrived near the parking area and walked  towards Hraunfossar and Barnafoss watertalls, following the trails. Hraunfossar means “lava falls” because the water surfaces from underneath the Grahraun Lava Field. The waterfall consists of countless springs of clear water that emerge from under the edge of the lava field and flow into the Hvítá river. It’s quite…

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Watch Our Farm Grow

Watch Our Farm Grow

Last year my husband of twenty-two years and I purchased our land in Sequim, WA, final destination on twenty acres with three highways, two pear trees, one apple tree and irrigation. We have been living in our fifth wheel for five months now and I am happy to report we are enjoying a slower pace of life. GOD has given us double for our troubles as I am a survivor of a semi-truck accident leaving me forever physically disabled with thee large screws in my pelvis and pain that never goes away. GOD provided this land and the opportunity to take all the creativity and dreams he placed in our heads while I was attending physical therapy for three years.

We have increased our equine size from three to eight. We now have three mini donkeys, two standard size donkeys, one Mammoth donkey, and two horses both mares. Eight is enough and all are in their forever homes and will never be for sale. :)

GOD is making our dreams come true, thank you Jesus!


ournewfarmlandbestshot  ournewfarmland ournewfarmland (2) ournewfarm  Ourland


Our farm summer 2013

Our farm summer 2013


Sequim 2013 059fencebypeartreesneighborswithchickens


SEQUIMFARM1182014ESTSEQUIMFARM1182014FENCESequim 2013 024sequim10192013 018 Sequim 2013 035IRRIGATINFENCE2014APRIL

sampson fence





hay cut

Sequim Game Farm Cut The Hay And Took It Away In Three Days




Irrigation running last October

Irrigation running last October

Our farm Oct 2013

Our farm Oct 2013












ourviewhomesweetsweethmeRIOAGE82014SUMMEROBOEBESTSHOTJULY2014MelodyLilybestshotlabordayweekendafteraride20114IRRIGATION204MAY IMG_2653 OBOLILY2014SEQUIM IMG_2670 IMG_2654riolabrdayweeken2014barnmay012014mayIMG_2648IMG_2660Mares out today oct 24LILYTROPHYJUNE212014SEQUIMFARMrioage8afterbaloonscamelabordayweekendgorgeousshotIMG_2657DONKEYSANDMISSTROPYMelodypettinglilyage9sequimfarmnice2014summerHAYSRING2014dogsindaisys2014MAY25_edited-1waterisonpronsequim4181014

Rio the mammoth donkey and Melody bitless riding

Rio the mammoth donkey and Melody bitless riding

After we sell our farm in Kingston, WA on five acres we will build our final one story home and I will begin having on-site lessons with students from all over the world. I am so excited. Additionally we will be growing and selling ten acres of low-sugar 100% Orchard Hay. We have a pull thru drive-way around the round pen and an outdoor arena along with twenty acres to teach trail riding. :) If you want to learn from me now I am accepting home study students world-wide virtually via Skype. We meet once a week and I coach, consult and train you to train your donkey, horse or mule. Select Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC to read what my former students have to say about working with me. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your dreams.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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