Watch Our Farm Grow

Watch Our Farm Grow

Last year my husband of twenty-two years and I purchased our land in Sequim, WA, final destination on twenty acres with three highways, two pear trees, one apple tree and irrigation. We have been living in our fifth wheel for five months now and I am happy to report we are enjoying a slower pace of life. GOD has given us double for our troubles as I am a survivor of a semi-truck accident leaving me forever physically disabled with thee large screws in my pelvis and pain that never goes away. GOD provided this land and the opportunity to take all the creativity and dreams he placed in our heads while I was attending physical therapy for three years.

We have increased our equine size from three to eight. We now have three mini donkeys, two standard size donkeys, one Mammoth donkey, and two horses both mares. Eight is enough and all are in their forever homes and will never be for sale. :)

GOD is making our dreams come true, thank you Jesus!


ournewfarmlandbestshot  ournewfarmland ournewfarmland (2) ournewfarm  Ourland


Our farm summer 2013

Our farm summer 2013


Sequim 2013 059fencebypeartreesneighborswithchickens


SEQUIMFARM1182014ESTSEQUIMFARM1182014FENCESequim 2013 024sequim10192013 018 Sequim 2013 035IRRIGATINFENCE2014APRIL

sampson fence





hay cut

Sequim Game Farm Cut The Hay And Took It Away In Three Days




Irrigation running last October

Irrigation running last October

Our farm Oct 2013

Our farm Oct 2013












ourviewhomesweetsweethmeRIOAGE82014SUMMEROBOEBESTSHOTJULY2014MelodyLilybestshotlabordayweekendafteraride20114IRRIGATION204MAY IMG_2653 OBOLILY2014SEQUIM IMG_2670 IMG_2654riolabrdayweeken2014barnmay012014mayIMG_2648IMG_2660Mares out today oct 24LILYTROPHYJUNE212014SEQUIMFARMrioage8afterbaloonscamelabordayweekendgorgeousshotIMG_2657DONKEYSANDMISSTROPYMelodypettinglilyage9sequimfarmnice2014summerHAYSRING2014dogsindaisys2014MAY25_edited-1waterisonpronsequim4181014

Rio the mammoth donkey and Melody bitless riding

Rio the mammoth donkey and Melody bitless riding

After we sell our farm in Kingston, WA on five acres we will build our final one story home and I will begin having on-site lessons with students from all over the world. I am so excited. Additionally we will be growing and selling ten acres of low-sugar 100% Orchard Hay. We have a pull thru drive-way around the round pen and an outdoor arena along with twenty acres to teach trail riding. :) If you want to learn from me now I am accepting home study students world-wide virtually via Skype. We meet once a week and I coach, consult and train you to train your donkey, horse or mule. Select Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC to read what my former students have to say about working with me. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your dreams.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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How To Put On A Rope Halter

Please never ever leave any halter on your equine when you are not 100% present as strangulation and death can occur.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Each hand-made metal art sign is a replica of our mini donkey Rocket Man age twenty sitting down as this is what our mini donkey does quite frequently he just sits down. Adorable, hand-made by a local artist I contract out with in Kingston, WA, U.S.A. Each one is hand-made to stand or hang inside or outside. They are welded to have a hook to hang and a little stick to stand, powder coating is baked on so they will not rust.

How Can I See The Two Different Sizes, Weights and Order?


Send me an e-mail with your name, phone number for payment as I can take a credit card world-wide, or you can pay by money order. I pay Keybank Virtual Merchant to manage all credit cards world-wide, I keep no credit card data. I need your shipping address, quantity, weight, phone number and e-mail address and I will get your large or small Art ON DONKEY TIME metal hand-made sign sent out to you before Christmas. Small is perfect to sit on your desk at work or hang above the phone. Large is beautiful art accessory in your home or hang/stand outside on your gate, barn or in the garden. Perfect for the retiree too as ON DONKEY TIME is a nice and easy slow life, donkeys understand how to slow down and enjoy each moment.

Small $55.00 plus shipping and packaging

Large $80.00 plus shipping and packaging








ONDONKEYTIMEHANINGBYPHONESeptember92013dogsgarden 132 ondonkeytimemetalwallhangerorsignrocketman

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Equestrian Dream Carriage Home/Farm For Sale Five Acres, Kitsap County, Washington

Equestrian Dream Carriage Home/Farm For Sale Five Acres, Kitsap County, Washington


Please re-blog, we need your help

We are still looking for the new owner of our turn-key ready horse farm on five acres, 26695 Trophy Lane, Kingston, WA 98346. We placed our farm on the market with Windermere in June of 2014. We would really like to sell our farm to a family who will appreciate all the work we have done since purchasing this home and land in 2001 basically a diamond in the rough as it truly needed some tender love, hard work and money put into it to look the way it does today.

Select Carriage Home For sale with 6 garages for more photos and details.

When we moved into this farm in 2001 it had a wood stove for heat and electric that’s it. The deck was falling over and we completely replaced and re-built this home into a beautiful home and created am equestrian dream five acre farm. A home/farm you can be proud of as time, money and love has been poured into this farm/home.

Upgrades we made to this home:

1. New carpet

2. New gas kitchen stove Jenn Air professional series, fast to boil water, vented to go outside


3. Granite counter tops in the kitchen and guest bath, new stainless steel sink and a new Electrolux stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher, all new kitchen with pull out drawers and two lazy susans for easy cooking. Two windows in the kitchen to look at your garden and stay cool when cooking.


4. Two propane fireplaces (no more wood to cut and carry)


5. Radiant floor heating and new floor tile complete remodel of master bath with his and her sinks and a beautiful large walk-in shower. Complete remodel of the master and guest bath new vanities, cast iron tub, large walk-in glass door seemless shower and beautiful country sink.

masterbathhishersssssguestbathroomguestbathroomgranitefarmsink_edited-1masterbathshower (2)kitchennewporcelentileallnewinteriordoors

6. Deck ballisters are powder coated for no maintenance


7. Two horse stalls and a Dry place for sitting, grooming, farrier and vet between the two 12 x 16 pole stalls

arena2014snowfarmCOVEREDAREABARNFIRSTSNOW2013 barntowardshouse2014snow barns2014snowfeb20245

8. Outdoor arena


9. Gated and fenced most of the property


10. Master gardens for your enjoyment of flowers ten months out of the year

HYDRABNGIASeptember92013dogsgarden 050056065058049DSCN1122035061 - CopyIMG_4375farmkingstonlorna

Our home for sale with large deck and hot tub

Our home for sale with large deck and hot tub


11. Look at your horses out the front of your home. View of the pole barns, paddock and arena from the house. Water and electricity down at the horse stalls with mats in them two twelve by sixteen huge tall stalls. Video cameras so you do not have to check on your equine.

HOUSESNOWfall2013 021 - Copy

12. Covered space to carry your hay and grain down and work with the farrier, vet or groom before riding in your private arena.


13. All new interior doors, craftsman style for your country carriage home, floors, kitchen, bathrooms with Six garages, come and take a look


Aubree walking Rocket Man

Aubree walking Rocket Man


master bedroom with slider out to theraputic hot tub with a bed in it

master bedroom with slider out to theraputic hot tub with a bed in it

055 - Copy

second living room, pine and 4 large windows along with another propane fireplace (no wood cutting)

second living room, pine and 4 large windows along with another propane fireplace (no wood cutting)

Another 2 car garage for hay storageGARDNSeptember92013dogsgarden 099 GARDENYELLOWFLOWERSeptember92013dogsgarden 114 GARDENWISTERIASeptember92013dogsgarden 101 gardenwalkwaysept2013 fuschia2 HYRDRANGASeptember92013dogsgarden 019 HYDRNGIASeptember92013dogsgarden 027 HYDRANGIATAGSeptember92013dogsgarden 022 HYDRANGIASeptember92013dogsgarden 016 HYDRANGIASeptember92013dogsgarden 013 HYDRANGIAPURPLEBLUESeptember92013dogsgarden 014 HYDRANGIALACEPURPLESeptember92013dogsgarden 049 HYDRANGEIASeptember92013dogsgarden 030 hydrangeabunnys


Here is the other 2 car garage where I stored my hay and grain, gardening supplies etc.

2 car garage for hay storage

2 car garage for hay storage



Back side of the house, master garden

Back side of the house, master garden

Another 2 car garage for hay storage

Another 2 car garage for hay storage


Easy commute by ferry to Seattle, Edmonds, Silverdale, Bangor, Keyport, Bremerton for work. If you know of anyone looking to move an easy commute ride to Seattle please send them to our real estate agent Lorna Muller, Windermere at 360 620-3842.


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Natural To Blanket Our Beloved Domesticated Horse, Donkey Or Mule?

Natural To Blanket Our Beloved Domesticated Horse, Donkey Or Mule?


Is It Natural To Blanket A Domesticated Equine (horse, donkey or mule) when the wind chill and snow is horrific?

First let me step back  in time and share how I came to my inner peace with the natural equine world. When I was a kid with my horse in the 70′s we did not do the teeth, blanket, and we sure as heck did not do our own worming. Guess what folks we now live in the year 2014 and things have improved for our beloved domesticated equine.

My husband and I pick up the poop on ten acres in Sequim, WA every day and compost, I take fecal samples to the vet and do not worm unless I need to. I now make sure I have blankets for all of our eight equine in case of an emergency winter or sickness. I prepare before the blanket is needed as we have four new donkeys in training and three of them are afraid of the blanket. I do not want to be outside in the freezing cold training to wear a blanket. When Rocket Man our mini age twenty had oral surgery a few years ago due to broken tooth that could have assessed I had to blanket him, his surgery lasted three and half hours and he was very sick for a good week. Additionally he has arthritis and so does Rio our Mammoth donkey as he is 16’2 and this does happen to the big guys even when only eight years old. I am fifty-four and I have arthritis from the semi-truck accident and believe me the cold hurts bad.

A few things to consider:

1. Nothing is natural about any equine living a domesticated life, even when we do our best to remove the shoes when not trail riding or use boots for trail riding. My farm is set up so all of my horses and donkeys can choose to go into their stall to eat and drink and get out of the weather if they choose. If they choose not to that’s ok too. Locking any equine in a stall will make them crib, make them have trust issues and make them crazy. If the vet orders stall rest yes we have to lock the equine in. Equine were created to walk fifteen to twenty-five miles a day. Most domesticated equine stand around and wait for their meals. Nothing is natural about living a domesticated life. I let all of my equine grow a fur coat and I blanket when sick, when wicked weather comes I check each and every day for sores, rubbing or a loose blanket/too tight in a place etc., I  replace with a dry coat as needed until the weather changes or the equine is no longer sick. Here in the Pacific Northwest, WA we do not have weather that stays in the 20′s very long. We go back into the 30′s pretty fast. We do however have high winds seventy mile an hour winds in the winter is common.

Select Turn-Key Equestrian farm for sale on Five Acres, Kingston, WA 98346


2. When an equine is in the wild they can run and get warm and find a place to get out of the elements.

The farm we lived on above for thirteen years in Kingston WA had two pole stalls I placed  at the top of the hill (paddock) to stop mud. Guess what happened if they ran to warm up on ice down a hill? They fell down and had injuries. Blanketing stopped them from trying to run to warm up and they stood nice and calm. Interesting ha?

3. Any equine who has arthritis or is sick, surgery, too young to withstand the extreme cold needs a blanket. Blanketing is hard work as you must check it every day and when it is really wet replace with a dry blanket. Sorry, no blanket is 100% waterproof for the entire winter and fall season. Thus why I only blanket when we hit the high 20′s with a wind chill in the Pacific Northwest pushing me below 0 etc., I never blanket with just rain as they can go in the stall and get out of the wind and rain, unless they are sick.

4. When you keep their water clean and warm along with plenty of free choice low sugar hay in your slow feeder you are helping your domesticated equine to stay warm. When you walk into the barn and your equine are shivering or not moving at all frozen stiff you had better blanket. Death can be avoided from ignorance and high vet bills.


Here is an outstanding blog I just read that prompted me to write about this. Select Blanketing is Not Bad And You Are Not Natural to read some more brilliant ways to understand why it is imperative you are prepared for a sick equine, older arthritis or the wicked winter that may or may not come.


Please use common sense when blanketing and locking your equine in a stall, after all you chose the equine and they are depending on you to learn everything you can to keep them healthy and happy.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Grandma’s Letter To BLM Save Americas Wild Donkeys


SELECT Grandmas Letter To The BLM



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Why do donkeys lay their heads on one another?

Originally posted on Morning Bray Farm:

Why do donkeys lay their heads on one another? All of our boys do this often, and we get asked this question a lot. In fact, Nancy in NC asked just the other day, so I figure now’s the perfect time to offer an answer.  

The Donkey Companion provides a great explanation for this typical behavior found in donkeys:  


Donkeys are physical animals who treasure each other through body contact. A jenny comforts her foal by holding him gently between her chin and her chest. Older youngsters and adults drape their heads across another’s back or rump to reassure or show affection; they rest their heads on a favorite human’s shoulder for the same reason.

There’s nothing at all like having one of the boys rest his head on my back or shoulder. It feels just like getting a big bear hug. ♥

Congratulations to the winner of our 150th post contest; Colleen, who left…

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