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Blog Of The Year Award 2012

I am honored to receive this Award from All Things Boys - Thank you again!  I am a bit overwhelmed as blogging started out after surviving a life threatening motor vehicle accident while riding as a passenger. How Blogging Has Helped Me Blogging helped me fill my time, stay connected to the […]

Ten Commandments Award

Howdy, My friend Bird Everyone Has A Story just gave me the Ten Commandments Award.  As a child of Jesus Christ and a Warrior for Jesus Christ (I even have the scars to prove it), I am going to add a few things.   The Ten Commandments are from GOD, the great I AM, he is the alfa omega and the […]

Why Do Donkeys Hate Dogs?

Howdy, Donkeys naturally have deep-rooted self-preservation skills.  What are predators for the donkey? Coyotes, wolves, cougars, bear and yes our precious pet dogs.  If we think about it the dog resembles the wolves and coyote the donkey does not know the difference until they are trained and understand their life is not in jeopardy.  Donkeys can learn to tolerate […]


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