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37,000 Views In 2012 – Happy New Year!

Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for caring about our most precious world and all the donkeys, horses and mules needing your attention. Thank you for sharing your blog, website, facebook, twitter, and youtube pages!  Most of all thank you for your continued support, relationship and friendship as […]

Look Where Your’e Going

Howdy, Today was a milestone for me as my physical therapist told me I am strong enough to graduate from physical therapy, I have been in Physical therapy for almost two years, this car accident has been one of the most challenging things I have ever had to do in my life.  […]

Blowing In The Wind

Howdy, When depression hits I work very hard to remember this is not the life GOD wants me to live.  Everything seems to be heightened my heart aches for the way things were before the car accident.  Sometimes I get angry and cry out to GOD as I just don’t […]

Pets Age Just Like We Do

Howdy, Pain is a serious problem for people and animals as they age believe me I understand pain management strategies. If your aging pet is starting to limp please remember to check with your vet to find pain relief our animals cannot say “hey I hurt” they depend on their human […]

Passion Begins As A Tiny Seed

Howdy, In honor of earth week “Passion Begins As  A Tiny Seed” I hope you enjoy!  GOD plants seeds and the seed turn into passion and passion can turn into dreams coming true, the key is to never give up. I say never give up! Keep dreaming, moving forward and do not stop moving […]


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