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Trust GOD For All Things

A few photo’s I snapped of my garden, yes my fountain has a really soothing sound but the big bonus is watching the birds bathe in the fountain and take a sip of cool water. Usually I am writing about the animals specifically donkeys, horses and mules, pets, farm living […]

Blowing In The Wind

Howdy, When depression hits I work very hard to remember this is not the life GOD wants me to live.  Everything seems to be heightened my heart aches for the way things were before the car accident.  Sometimes I get angry and cry out to GOD as I just don’t […]

Here Is Your Chance To Be A Human Angel

Howdy, The carriage horses petition is building Momentum again and they need your support all  it takes is a few seconds to sign the petition to stop abuse of horses.  IDA Home  |   Action Center Home  |   Donate  |   Sign Up! New York City’s Carriage Horses: A Dangerous And Inhumane Industry That Must End […]


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