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Rocket Man Rules The Barn

Howdy, Take a look at this cute video of Rocket Man our mini donkey keeping Lily our horse out of the barn.  Not all mini donkeys can get along with a horse, Mr. Rocket Man is one in a million he is truly a strong little mini donkey. Rocket Man is indeed our […]

Never Give Up

Howdy, Perhaps you are wondering why in the world I blog and write about GOD? Before the semi truck accident I was writing about GOD as I felt this internal nudge from GOD to share and help others.  I believe when we reach out and help others GOD reaches down from heaven […]

Surviving Trauma

Howdy, I hope you enjoy this photo of my weeping honeysuckle I planted in my garden!  Gardening is another passion I so enjoy I like to buy the plants as little baby’s, pray and watch GOD grow them as I am just the care taker. Surviving Trauma changes everything for humans and animals.  […]


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