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Car Accident

Two Mules And A Vet

68-year-old Charlie Peters is taking an eleven hundred mile trip from his home in Owosso, Michigan to Okemah, Oklahoma to pay his first ever visit to his father’s grave. And he’s making the trip in a rather unique way! Select Two Mules and A Vet to read all about the journey of […]

When Life Is Just Too Hard

Friends Of The Donkey Whisperer Farm Seems the most difficult times are amongst all of us living in this fallen world but this I know for sure, “When I was in my darkest place, most pain not sure what the future held Jesus was holding my right hand. Jesus was helping me stay strong […]

37,000 Views In 2012 – Happy New Year!

Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for caring about our most precious world and all the donkeys, horses and mules needing your attention. Thank you for sharing your blog, website, facebook, twitter, and youtube pages!  Most of all thank you for your continued support, relationship and friendship as […]

Iron Sharpens Iron

Wow I have heard this statement over and over again; I guess this is what helps people feel better saying such a thing when trauma hits our sweet loved ones.  Another one I hear over and over is “GOD only gives you as much as you can take, you must be really strong.” GOD loves his […]

Snow On The Donkey Whisperer Farm

A few precious photos of our little farm blanketed in snow. The damp and cold does not play well with the large surgically installed screws in my pelvis. I miss snow shoeing, and playing in the snow. After weeks and months of gray and rain the snow seems to brighten everything […]

Blog Of The Year Award 2012

I am honored to receive this Award from All Things Boys – Thank you again!  I am a bit overwhelmed as blogging started out after surviving a life threatening motor vehicle accident while riding as a passenger. How Blogging Has Helped Me Blogging helped me fill my time, stay connected to the […]

GOD Keeps Bringing Me Flowers

Howdy, Oh how I miss working in my garden it was indeed good for my soul, I’m really surprised after almost three years of neglect GOD keeps bringing me flowers.  I always did say “I am just the caretaker GOD makes the flowers grow” my body can no longer care for my […]


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