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First Step Is Forgiveness Second Step Is To Smile

one of the happiest

I am just a human being I love Jesus and I am very grateful that Jesus loves me. Without Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I could have never survived all of the things this world has thrown at me. I refuse to share my entire life with you but I will share this I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and I came from a dysfunctional broken family. For years I did not believe GOD was real as it appeared to me he did not care about me.

I am grateful as GOD came to me the minute I fell to my knees and I asked him to help me I am sad to share I asked GOD to come to me after a spinal cord tumor was discovered on my back, I had no options to fix this on my own. My life has never been the same since that day in 2002, GOD created a miracle and the tumor was removed and I was back to work in weeks, but I was a different person as Jesus was now living inside of me.

Like many people I thought if GOD was real he did not care about me as my life had been trial after trial, my child-hood sucked, tears and more tears. Now in my mid fifties I can share my life is not perfect but I can honestly say my life is stable and I am giving new strength, creativity and hope each day, this is something I am very grateful for.  GOD in Jesus Christ name has provided me with a stable husband and best friend and oh how wonderful of a gift this is, I love my husband so very much.


GOD has given me the chance to start my own business while I am disabled and all of this is 100% so I will share how GOD created me and you. If you are lost just close your eyes and ask Jesus to come into your heart and make him your Lord and Savior. Ask Jesus to forgive your sins and he will and I promise you he will never ever remind you of them again, satin will but GOD will not. The bible states we are washed whiter than snow, every hair is counted on our heads and GOD knows before we do something what we will do.


Never give up and never stay down. If you stay down you will never move from the spot you are in, if you get up things will change. Never settle! We were created to ask GOD for the best, we must ask and then we will receive if we have faith. GOD is not santa he will not give us what will be harmful to us. GOD wants his children to shine and share their light he placed inside of us. Remember you are the apple of GOD’s eye and he will never forsake you, never. Pray for everything and then trust GOD have faith that what you have asked for will happen. If it is not for your good ask GOD to not give it to you. GOD is the alpha and omega the beginning and end, he knows what gifts and talents he has blown our way and he knows how to bring them out of us. The key is sharing, and helping others, hoarding and not caring about others is not the way we were created to live. Courage is not easy as friends can be lost, jobs and more but GOD will give us the courage to do whatever is necessary for us to be healthy and happy. Trust GOD in Jesus Christ name for all things and watch him show up and show off. GOD loves to give gifts to his children but he expects us to share with the world that he did it for us. I know I can do nothing without Jesus Christ in my life, nothing. All good comes from GOD. All bad comes from Satin never forget this.

Sometimes we have to forgive a human who hurt us usually someone we loved so very much a family member who betrayed us, a friend who let us down and threw us under the bus, you get the picture. Forgiveness is for us not for them. We can forgive and pray for the person and keep them out of our life as toxic people can not stay in our life it is draining and not the way GOD wants us to live. Toxic people are miserable and think of nothing except themselves these people will die all alone and have no one to attend their funeral. How sad but again this is their choice not ours. I choose to have very few real friends in my life and to let go of all of the past dysfunctional relationships. I send prayers and blessings to each person I have set free and I am a much happier person to not have this negativity in my life.


How do you feel about forgiveness?

Is it easier now for you as you know the poison must get out of you; anger, bitterness, resentment let go of all of this poison and enjoy the gifts and treasures GOD has given you this day. After all you will never get this day back again. LIFE IS FRAGILE AND PRECIOUS.



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Why GOD Why?

Why GOD Why?

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

For those of you who are new to my blog I want to say thank you for reading and for those who have been following my journey in this thing called life since 2010, I really appreciate each and every one of you.

My health update:

I continue to suffer from severe nerve damage in my hips, back and feet suffer from spasms in my ribs still, back pain wakes me up every morning it is never quiet, pain sucks and is most likely not going away as last spring marked four years since the semi-truck accident. Select GOD created a miracle for me to read all about it. I no longer go to physical therapy (3 years I attended) as each day is physical therapy living on our farm. Massage therapy is a need not a want and I go once a week this helps tremendously as does our hot tub. My grandma who is ninety-four constantly says to me “You have bitten off too much again, dear Melody”, my answer is always the same; “If I do not keep moving, I fear the pain will force me to a wheel chair.”  Every day is a challenge my husband and I continue to believe that GOD in Jesus Christ name will take this pain away and one day I will indeed be pain-free. I have not been pain-free since April 12th, 2010.


Building our farm in Sequim, WA has been amazing and most difficult, smiles and tears side-by-side

Trying to get contractors to show up and do a good job is not easy. Trusting a contractor to do the job correctly and then having to fire them when they lie or they are not competent in the work is very stressful and it costs more money. Every project we have started except a few has been beyond stressful.  Seems GOD keeps us on our knees for each and every favor and when things do not go right I am honestly going to say I have lost my peace. I try so hard to not lose my peace but when people lie and steal from us and we have a very small income coming in to create this dream it is hard to not get upset. I am very grateful to have Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior as I can not navigate this thing called life alone.


Living In Our 29ft 5th Wheel

We have been living in our 5th wheel since June 1st, 2014. I can honestly say we do not need much in life to enjoy life but I do miss my king size bed.  :) We have two people who are serious about the house/farm for sale in Kingston, WA. Select Turn-key Equestrian Dream, Kingston, WA Soon this beautiful farm will sell and we will start to build our last home a one story home as we are in our fifties now and I must plan for arthritis to get worse as I age. I dream of the day we get to turn the key and walk into our home, I know GOD is fateful but waiting is one of the most hardest things to do when we have endured so much hardship for so long. Today marks four and half years since our life was turned upside down by the semi-truck accident and I can honestly say it has seemed like ten years.



I have been with my hubby Scott for almost twenty-two years now, time does fly!  I do believe that living in our twenty-nine foot fifth wheel with three dogs, hubby, and my two rescue cats is easy on the one had as cleaning the 5th wheel takes five minutes when we both go to work together. I always think the best first and work on keeping my mind on the payoff when things are tough.  I will never again complain about cleaning my house as I miss my things, I miss having a place for everything and so we wait on GOD to sell the house in Kingston, WA. Our marriage is strong, stronger than before the car accident as we never take one another for granted. This does not mean we do not disagree it simply means we do not hold a grudge and move on.  We trust GOD to sell the house in his time and for whatever reason the farm has not sold yet, soon I feel it will sell. Money, space, trust, friendship, love is all part of a good marriage along with planning dreams together. My husband Scott and I plan each and everything we can and when GOD changes our plans we say thank you Jesus even when it hurts to wait or have our plans changed. We work as a team and this is truly the key to a great marriage. My husband Scott is indeed my soul mate, my best friend first and my husband second and we are similar in many way but different in how we react to stress. I am an extrovert and he is an introvert, I think most marriages end up this way as we are attracted and need what the other has. My hubby Scott put so many fence posts in he had hernia surgery last month and this was very stressful, thank you Jesus he is recovering fast and had very little pain.


My Life After GOD Saved Me From Death

I will never, never be the same as before the semi-truck accident not physically as I am forever physically disabled with three huge screws in my pelvis. But also emotionally and mentally. I find myself wanting things done instantly as I am fifty-four now and I lost three years of my life. I can ride a little but not very long as my ribs spasm and my lower back hurts. I still have not attempted to canter and oh how I miss cantering on my horse, we use to go for four-hour trail rides three times a week I do not know if I will ever get to go for a trail ride again. Still GOD is great as I can ride on the twenty acres, I slide the lazy suzan door around and walk my horse and Mammoth donkey up to the steps and go ride. No hauling anywhere just go ride. I have learned to enjoy every second of every day as much as possible and never to take anything or anyone who is good to me and my family two and four-legged for granted as these people are rare in our most fragile and stressed world.


Repeat, Repeat and Repeat

DO NOT FEARifyourdreamsdontscare

monkeysPEOPLEattitudetowardsyouattitudedddcontrol mysleftest

you still believe the world to be a beautiful place.

Hot Air Balloons

Flew over our farm low and scared Rio our mammoth donkey so bad he would not come out of the barn for over three hours. My horses could have run through the fence if I did not keep them calm.  Shortly after this low flying loud fire balloons with tourist taking photos of our little farm my horse Miss Lily got the hives and she has had them way to long so if you pray, pray for Miss Lily to get healthy again please. The immune system in equine is just like us people fragile and for her stress triggers hives, this is causing me stress as I am trying so hard to get her well. I sent an e-mail to the hot-air balloon company and asked them to please never fly low over our our farm again and the owner was very compliant and seemed to understand the fear the balloons caused our farm equine.

balloonoverthebarnlabordayweekend2014  baloonoverfarmsequim2014septlabordayweekendbaloonhorseslabordayweekendbaloon


Our three dogs are getting old and it is hard to watch my female Jewel limp and ache so bad as I know one day I will have to bury her under the pear tree. Seems dogs do not live long enough, they are so special. All are happy and seem to not mind having to sleep on a very small bed they just want to be with me and my husband and well I think they would be ok living in the car with us. We are a family two and four-legged, our bond is so tight. Still when I leave for fifteen minutes the dogs are scared as they all have anxiety I will not return as the semi-truck accident is still on their mind. They worry I will not come home again each time I step out the door and no matter what I do they seem to not forget that life is fragile and their mom may not come home again. Animal trainers say animals live in the moment I say animals can get PTSD as my dogs have it.



My mind feels like I am in my forties but my body feels like it is one hundred most days, I can’t bend, twist, dance or spin any more. My suggestion to anyone living with any kind of disability and pain is to keep getting up. Each day is a new day, today may be the day GOD brings a break-thru and the pain and suffering may go away physical or emotional. I recently took a Facebook test on your age and my age came out to thirty-three and yet I am trapped in a fifty-four year old broken body. Arthritis in every bone that broke and lot’s broke. Neuropathy in my feet and yet GOD places a huge smile on my face each and every day as I could have died.


Rio the mammoth donkey and Melody bitless riding

Rio the mammoth donkey and Melody bitless riding

New Equine On Our Farm

We finally were able to bring home Oboe and Tuba if you read my blog way back to 2010 you will see I have been trying to get them home since 2008. Again I must say never give up and trust GOD for everything he planted the dreams in your heart. Both Oboe and Tuba have no paper-work and were very much in need of training and a human to touch them and love them each and every day. We also went looking for one mini donkey companion for Rocket Man our mini that is twenty now and my hubby let me bring home two mini’s Roy and Maximus. Maximus is a huge extrovert and a huge challenge and Roy is in my pocket after just a week of loving and my training plan. Roy was very sad when we met him and needed a special human to love him. God gave us Roy he is very special! A new horse, I have a new project mare named Miss Trophy and she is a black gorgeous saddlebred mare, she is very beautiful but needs time to trust me and learn to have the social skills needed to live in a domesticated world. One day I will learn dressage with this horse as she has a long neck and can stretch her long legs out with her small chest. Miss Lily my quarter horse is a true quarter horse and is built for speed and trails, she did do pretty good in dressage but this is not what she was bred to do. Lily and Trophy are now best friends forever and my horse is herd bound to the needs of an emotional horse crying for her. Still I am riding Miss Lily and she is doing much better at the short separation times. Both get exercise for a half hour or so that I go for a ride. Miss Lily lived with Rio and Rocket Man for seven years before we moved to our new farm in Sequim, WA.  Now Rio lives with Oboe and Tuba and Lily must not only protect herself but Miss Trophy.

maximusage22014juolyyy2014boysoutnaptimeoboe3 miniIMG_2727

2014 GOD Opened Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

A world-wide virtual custom coaching, consulting and training of owners of horses, mules and donkeys. I teach people all over the world from my computer using Skype, videos and more. I have been able to travel to France, Norway and all over the USA without leaving my living room. When our home is completed I will have classes here on the farm with students from all over the world I am so excited to see this fruit GOD planted in my mind appear. In Feb of 2014 I traveled by myself to Florida from Washington with back and hip pain and received my certification for Parelli’s Horseanlity/Humanality course a huge achievement as traveling and sitting for long periods of time is most difficult for me. It was a huge investment for my business and personal growth. As understanding my personality, my families and students is vital to my success. If you get a chance to take this class I highly recommend it and if you can’t afford it please hire me  Select Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC our store.  I pay Key-bank a fee to manage world-wide credit cards for my world-wide students.



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!








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Living On Our New Farm In A Fifth Wheel, Summer of 2014

Living On Our New Farm In A Fifth Wheel, Summer of 2014

Well this is the scoop; Me and my hubby Scott (my best friend of twenty-two years) have been living in our 29 foot 5th wheel since June 1st, 2014 and life on the new farm is beyond wonderful, GOD is amazing! We are praying for the new owners to purchase our home and farm of thirteen years in Kingston, WA so we can build our last home as we are in our fifties now. Life on the twenty acre farm in Sequim, Washington is wonderful beyond my wildest dreams Jesus has provided us with the perfect place to set up our home, farm and business.

The Johnson Homestead Under Siege during the Carlton Complex Wildfire


Every day I see sunshine here, ok one day we had rain since July 1st, 2014. Every day I see the mountains, stars, sunrise, sunset and sometimes a little bit of fog from the Dungeness Spit. We live close enough to the Dungeness river to go fishing and hopefully we will get to go this fall I cant wait to fish again as it has been way too long. The semi-truck accident changed everything and now I am strong enough to give it a try again. The first time I went steel head fishing I caught a nice size fish around twelve pounds and well this was the last time a very long time ago in the earl 90’s.


Our three mini donkeys are so much fun and they love the new farm and play tug each night when it cools down with their orange mini traffic cone and jolly ball. So much fun to watch them play tag too. Rio is enjoying grooming Tuba and he plays rough with Oboe so all is good here now as he had a hard time missing little Rocket Man. He still stands and watches him every now and a then just to be sure he is safe and happy as they are divided by the hot wire.

maximusage22014juolyyy20143 miniRoy4


My mare Miss Lily is so happy to have Miss Trophy our new black saddlebred they are always together and literally walk the same and dance the same. When one trots so does the other and they lay down and sleep together. Lily is Trophy’s new mentor and leader and she thinks we got Trophy just for her, to funny as we did. “Horses really want to live with a horse, donkeys want to live with a donkey and a mule well they can live with either and be very happy depending on the sex, age, size etc., common sense.”

I am so grateful to have my new MD barn as I can no longer lift heavy things due to the screws in my pelvis. I can swing the lazy susan door around and put my ausie saddle on Rio and Lily and go for a ride on the farm. No more hard work to get to ride. GOD is amazing! I remember going to physical therapy and wearing my ariat riding gloves to lift weights thinking one day I will ride again. Well GOD never ever lies, I get to ride again and one day I will go for a trail ride again and perhaps canter again. My back and core muscles still fight me every single day. Pain is always in my body but I have learned how to manage it one day at a time. If you have pain, pray to Jesus and NEVER GIVE UP!

MelodyLilybestshotlabordayweekendafteraride20114IMG_2670IMG_2745Melodypettinglilyage9sequimfarmnice2014summerScottfarm2014marchhappyRiojune20148yearsoldDO NOT FEARTrophy2014age61333


We continue to pray for GOD to give us favor and sell our home in Kingston, WA on five acres to the right family. A Family who will love the home/farm as much as we did and care for my flower gardens. God has a plan and now we must wait. Seems waiting is the hardest part but it is not too hard as every day is a beautiful day living on the new farm in Sequim, WA. I am very busy training five new equine, working with my virtual students and this winter I will finish my book, the book is a surprise (educational and humor) I promise to share after it is ready for sale 2015.  Please support my new business Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC as I enjoy educating and sharing information to make life wonderful for all the donkeys, horses and mules in our most fragile world.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Animals Have Disabilities Too


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Fish Relax Me

Fish Relax Me

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

We have been living in our 5th wheel since June 1st, 2014 as we made the decision to have one house payment. We are living on the promise of Jesus Christ; living on the land GOD gave us we never went looking for this land it was brought to us by Jesus Christ. Our real estate agent who was helping us find the perfect twenty acres for the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC business received a call from the seller wanting to sell the land. Our land never went on the market!  GOD in Jesus Christ name creates miracles today you just have to look for the miracles they are for all who call JESUS father and our Lord and Savior.  Our farm is one more miracle as GOD saved my life and now he is restoring all that was stolen from us. We will be forever grateful to the loving mercy of Jesus Christ.

After the life changing car accident left me with a life long disability (3 screws in my pelvis) we made the most difficult decision to leave our carriage home of thirteen years on five acres in Kingston, WA our trauma is your gain. Interested select 26695 Trophy Lane NE, Kingston, WA 98346 for more details.

When the time came we purchased our new farm in Sequim, WA with nothing on it except irrigation, two pear trees and one apple tree as we are living in faith GOD will provide all that is needed.  Moving into our 29 foot fifth wheel has been humbling to say the least as I had to give my fish away, we had a 55 gallon tank for twenty two years, with three dogs and two cats the fish had to go.

Our fish tank last Christmas


Enjoy the fish!


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Just Dance

Just Dance


positiveattiduechangeFeatured Image -- 27583control myslefdonkeyphotoheartlove courage DO NOT FEARitisbettergodgod loves yourayhuntgodisamazingpraybattleharderGOD AND TRIALSHOLD ONTHANK goddifficultiescouragefightonyourkneesjohn still believe the world to be a beautiful place.ReALWOMANattitudeifyourdreamsdontscare


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Staying In Faith, Never Give UP On Your Dreams

001Melodyhurricaneridge2014june211RioScottfarm2014marchhappychangehorse cloud

3 miniBuddygotthecarrot2014springtrimdayequinesequim10192013 043sampson2014mayfarmsequimOBOLILY2014SEQUIMRocketman2014junesequimage20Trophy2014june9age6sequimfarmJewelBuddySampsonCampingRocketMan2012age18

When times are great it is simple to stay in faith

When times are difficult and the bills are coming in or we are running out of options in all areas of our life it is most difficult to stay in faith.  Why? We are human and our brain tends to think we have the answer first, but this only works if we do not change our thinking process. The human flesh runs wild in our mind thinking how to solve the problem. I have learned to pray for everything and let GOD handle everything in his time not my time. This is not easy for me as I like things completed correctly, on time and I like to have a plan. I have learned that having a plan is funny to GOD as GOD is in control not me.

After the semi-truck accident select GOD Created A Miracle For Me left me physically disabled I felt a strong desire to move to Sequim, WA.  GOD placed this on my heart as we will have less rain and the flat ground would be a bonus to help me walk more. GOD also placed on my heart the mountains that I would wake up to every morning a reminder of how far we have come.  My husband Scott and I searched for three years, looking for the perfect land we never found it. One day we received a phone call from our real estate agent saying a man had called wanting assistance in selling his land. To make a long story short the land he was selling is the land we now live on in our 5th wheel while we wait for GOD once again to bring the correct buyer in and sell our last home of thirteen years on five acres in Kingston, WA.

Building a farm is stressful, dealing with contractors who are not honest, do not show up to work or will not do the job correctly is stressful. GOD guided us all the way through the process. The people who were not honest and tried to steal from us were exposed quickly and we moved on with the new contractors who were honest. So many people today say they will do something and then Not show up or not finish the job. Our reputation is an important thing to keep, keeping our word today is especially important when we are children of Jesus Christ as we are representing his kingdom.

Each of us is responsible for staying in faith when life is too difficult. I can remember dying in the helicopter from the semi-truck accident, I prayed and begged GOD to let me go home to my husband and family. GOD gave me a peace that I would make it, I would go home and that all would be better than before. I did survive but I really do not believe I would have survived the semi-truck accident if I had no faith.  The bible says we should have faith as big as a mustard seed for Jesus to work in our life. GOD had already proven to me over and over in my fifty-four years living in this world he is alive and real. GOD had proven to me that he was going to get the right doctors and save me and he not only restored my life he has given us double for our troubles with the land we get to live on and die on one day.

As I sit here typing to you I am looking at a view that is exactly what GOD placed on my heart a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains and GOD increased our equine herd size. Today we have one Mammoth donkey, three mini donkeys and two horses. Not that long ago I was worried about keeping the three we had.


Funny how everything passes and nothing stays the same and whatever was so crazy and scary last year is long gone. Now a new problem arises and we humans go right back to thinking we are smart enough to solve the problem. I have leaned that I am not smart enough to solve all of my problems not even any of them. GOD is in control of my life. GOD in JESUS CHRIST name is creating the perfect setup for me and all the trials and tests I have endured as no doubt you have, each is a stepping stone to the great reward of a success.

How can we be successful if we have no failures?

Failure teaches us to not do the same thing over again if we are trying to learn. Failure is important as it proves we tried, we did not give up, we did not settle. I am not afraid to fail, I am afraid to settle and accept life to be the same day after day. I never want to live my life being too afraid to step out and trust GOD to take care of me.

Living in a 29.50 foot 5th wheel is not easy in many ways but in other ways it is simple.

My husband and I planned to live in our 5th wheel until we build a one story home for my disability. We planned this for four years after the accident and then about a month ago we moved into the fifth wheel with our three dogs and two indoor cats. Leaving 2400 square foot and six garages was a huge change.

The plus side of this life is it takes us less than five minutes to clean our home. We have more time to play and enjoy life and this is a wonderful thing. We are much more calm as having a big home takes maintenance if you want it to look nice. Living in a field in our fifth wheel we have no gardening to do, no lawn to mow, you get the picture.

Prayer for Anxiety and Worry

I am strong, courageous, and firm; I fear not and am not in terror, for it is the Lord my GOD Who goes with me; He will not fail me or forsake me. DEUTERONOMY 31:6

In the day of my trouble I will call to you and you will answer me. PSALM 86:7 (NIV)

I will not worry and be anxious, saying, What am I going to eat? or, What am I going to drink? Or What am I going to wear? But I will seek (aim at and strive after( first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given to me besides. Matthew 6:31,33

I want to share that I have never received every prayer I have prayed. GOD is not santa he is our father in heaven and only GOD knows why our family will die or leave us for drugs, cancer, car accidents, death. I have lost many very important people in my life and when I prayed GOD did not create a miracle for me they went to heaven. I have learned to not ask GOD why? Asking GOD why is a waist of time, GOD knows the beginning and the end. GOD wants only the best for his children as we do for our children. This I do know we are living in a fallen world and without Jesus as our Lord and Savior we have little hope to make it and enjoy our life in this most difficult and fast paced world.

Free will is not something GOD can change if we have a loved one who is addicted to a substance we can pray but this is all we can do.  Our loved one must ask Jesus to come into their life. Our loved one must want to change, we cant make anyone do anything they do not want to do.  Pray our loved one falls to their knees for Jesus and Jesus will not come into your life and help you until you give up everything and let him start new. GOD wants to be part of our life 100% not just on Sundays or worse for Easter or Christmas. GOD wants to be part of our life every minute and every day. Why? He created us and he loves us and the good news is he has angels to surround us and keep us safe. If we do not ask we will not receive.

Never Give Up – Staying in faith gets easier the more we do it.

Yes, it is like anything we do we need to go to the throne to pray first and not the phone or to complain on the computer. We need to be in a relationship with Jesus from the time our eyes open in the morning to the time we close them at the end of the day. Small prayers of gratefulness is number one. Be grateful for everything in your life as everything is a lesson. Nothing is a waist of time except trying to do things on our own without Jesus.

I pray my words help you and you reach out to Jesus and make him your Lord and Savior.  You do not need to go to a church to get saved, just say these words. Jesus I ask you to forgive my sins, I make you my Lord and Savior, please change me to do your will and not my will. If you can find a good church go but know this GOD is now living inside of you. GOD will guide you and give you favor and little feelings when things are coming along good and bad in your life. Be open to his nudges as they are real.

Need prayer call the 700 club they are anointed to help you!

Call our Prayer Center

If you or someone you love needs prayer, please call (800) 759-0700. The 700 Club Prayer Center Team will answer your call.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





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