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37,000 Views In 2012 – Happy New Year!

Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for caring about our most precious world and all the donkeys, horses and mules needing your attention. Thank you for sharing your blog, website, facebook, twitter, and youtube pages!  Most of all thank you for your continued support, relationship and friendship as […]

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Howdy, Laughter is great medicine!  If you see something funny that’s clean and healthy please share if it’s really great I will add to the Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog.  Enjoy! Cows Playing With Remote Control Car  Tommie Turvey Playing With His Horse “Poker Joe”  Web Cam 101 For Seniors GOD bless […]

What Sound Byte Do People Use To Describe You

Howdy, I pray the Donkey Whisperer Farm website and our blog helps you or your beloved two or four-legged human friend to enjoy life. In Jesus Christ precious name AMEN. GOD in Jesus Christ precious name continues to give me the strength, creativity, courage, perseverance, wisdom and the favor I need to press forward in life and never […]


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