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Want To Be A Hero?

Howdy, Consider becoming a satellite adoption center for sweet donkeys needing help as Peaceful Valley Donkey Adoption center will teach you how to do everything.  Sadly during this difficult time in our economy more and more animals are being starved, abused and neglected.  Perhaps you wonder why my heart aches for […]

Donkeys Can Do Anything The Horse Can Do

Rio 9 months old Howdy, Rio, Lily and Rocket Man are taking a break from training while I work full-time to recover from the semi truck accident.  Training for manners, picking up feet, out of the barn, over, back-up (as they are never authorized to walk over us) is taught each and every time […]

Here Comes The Rain Again

Howdy, Fall has officially arrived in the Pacific Northwest and with fall comes rain.  Excellent drainage is a must for equine living in the rain and please don’t forget the much-needed necessity shelter.  For heavy traffic areas we lay 3/4 clean gravel to prevent mud as mud causes serious health issues for equine.  Fighting thrush is a constant battle […]

Think Outside Of The Box

Howdy, When training equine (Donkey, horse and mule) try to think out of the box. Make sure nothing is new and stressful to your equine i.e., trailer loading, walking up to mounting block, preparation is the key to a succesful and enjoyable time with your equine.  Remember equine can only […]

Be Alert For Dry Equine Poop

Howdy, Fall is in the air in the Pacific Northwest I have noticed my donkeys and horse are slowing down in drinking water, clean water is essential to optimum health for all living beings espeically equine.  It is imperative that the equine (donkey, horse or mule) owner watches the poop […]

Walking On Water

Howdy, I am a survivor of an almost fatal motor vehicle accident while riding as a passenger with my GOD mother, looking back in time I had no idea my life was in jeopardy. The worst scenario ever a semi truck smashed into the passenger door where I was sitting.  Today my full-time job is to pray […]


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