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Hoof Abscess

The Donkey Whisperer Farm is officially six years old in 2013; time has literally flown by so much has changed and yet so much remains the same.  Rio is now a full-grown Mammoth donkey as he turns seven years old in 2013.  Rocket Man turns nineteen and my horse Lily is eight […]

Blowing In The Wind

Howdy, When depression hits I work very hard to remember this is not the life GOD wants me to live.  Everything seems to be heightened my heart aches for the way things were before the car accident.  Sometimes I get angry and cry out to GOD as I just don’t […]

Never Give Up, Never Ever Give Up

Howdy, I’m reading a book Never Give Up by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Joyce Meyer. We picked it up at Wal-Mart for$5.98 bargain priced so shop around if you want to read it. My physiatrist is helping me rehabilitate, change my lifestyle to accommodate my disability and much, much more. If you know […]

Horses and Donkeys Heal The Human Soul

Howdy, Horses and Donkeys heal the human soul, just writing these words sends happy thoughts in my mind directly followed by a smile.  Horses and donkeys have a presence and energy about them that helps us humans along our journey in life.  I call them “Four legged angels sent by GOD” no […]

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Howdy, What are the benefits of smiling?  Smiling takes a moment of our time and is certainly a huge ice breaker for meeting new people and re-connecting with our friends and family.  Smiling releases endorphins in our brain the animals can tell when we are happy or sad. Just think about […]

Enjoy Your Life

Howdy, Here is a link to National Geographic one of the beautiful photos that touched my mind, body and soul this morning. GOD is great and amazing it really helps to keep looking for the good stuff in life.  If you’r finding the trial and trauma of life to be […]

Walking On Water

Howdy, I am a survivor of an almost fatal motor vehicle accident while riding as a passenger with my GOD mother, looking back in time I had no idea my life was in jeopardy. The worst scenario ever a semi truck smashed into the passenger door where I was sitting.  Today my full-time job is to pray […]


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