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The Donkey Is Still The Under Dog

Will you have the courage to share this today and help the donkeys?  Please help if you can, even by sharing this post you are helping. Donkeys are still very much ‘a beast of burden’ in Egypt. ACE provide free veterinary care and education in animal husbandry. Select EGYPTACE 
Sadly the U.S.A. donkeys are abused by being overfed with the wrong feeds. Donkey Roping, Donkey Basketball, Donkey Penning and Donkey Baseball. Donkeys have a weight limit too. This is why I do what I do to help create awareness and change for the beloved under dog the Donkey. Tears for the abused donkeys in the U.SA. and out of the U.S.A. This is why I do what I do to help create awareness for the donkey, Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC.
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A Dying Father Leaves the Most Inspirational Message for His Baby Girl

A Dying Father Leaves the Most Inspirational Message for His Baby Girl

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

This young, terminally ill, father wanted to leave behind a beautiful and inspirational message for his daughter.

Grab your tissues for this one.

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Questions and Answers From Rio The Mammoth Donkey

Questions and Answers From Rio The Mammoth Donkey



Hey did you know donkeys are really smart?

Did you know donkeys can think all of the time? Well most of the time while the horse can’t! Yes it’s true donkey evolved from the desert meaning they had to evolve to learn to think as they could not out-run the predator. The horse on the other hand uses his speed to survive the predator and when under stress/attack life or death will fart, poop and run.

What will the donkey do when stressed Usually not Always?

Stop and think about it and try to find a way to survive. Thus why the donkey is given the horrible name as stubborn when they are simply smarter than most humans who work with them.

What Can A Human Do To Help A Scared Horse, Donkey or Mule?

Be consistent with your training, voice, body language and never ever abuse the equine. Remember you chose the equine they did not choose you!


How Long Will It Take For My Equine To Trust Me and Respect Me As A Leader?

This all depends on the personality of your equine, sex, age, past experiences with other humans and how you treat them each and every time you are with them.

3 mini

What Is The Easiest Age and Sex To Step Into The World Of Equine Husbandry?

“If you are brand new to owning an equine the age will be different for a donkey but you will need to be patient. If you are not patient and are in a hurry I suggest purchasing a donkey that is number one full-grown and number two tall enough to hold your weight. Perhaps a mule would be best if you need a super strong equine as 16’2 hand mammoth donkeys are difficult to find.”

Back to the question, remember my mom is typing for me but this is Rio the Mammoth Donkey talking to you!

The easiest donkey is a brand new youngster that has never been abused. A clean slate, like a child your baby donkey is physically, mentally and emotionally not an adult until they are FULL GROWN like me. What age are they full-grown this all depends on the size. A Mammoth donkey like me 16’2 can take six to seven years to be full-grown.  Have empathy, youngsters are just like you were as a baby they are children in the mind and physical strength.  Baby donkeys have very short attention spans and need small lessons in imprinting (touching them all over their body).  If this is not done at a young age it is more difficult as the donkeys body gets stronger and faster and yes we can out think you. :)

A male that is gelded after he has dropped ask a professional veterinarian who has experience with donkeys to explain this to you will be so much easier than a Jenny or in the horse world a filly/mare.



A  gelding does not have testosterone interfering with learning and wants to be your buddy, take a walk with you and hang out with you. Jacks (stallions horse world) want to dominate and reproduce. Jennies (mares horse world) have a few days a month they can be a challenge as well they have the estrus thing going on you know just like women have their periods. Moody, hurt with pain and can get short-tempered faster than us geldings. I know as I lived with Miss Lily my human moms quarter horse for seven years I am much happier living with Oboe and Tuba our two new rescue gelding (standard size) donkeys as well they are not so emotional. :)

sequim10192013 043tubabestphoto2014

Let’s Say You Are In A Hurry – You Want To Ride Now?  What sex and age is the easiest for beginners?

If you want to ride right now I would recommend a gelding in the horse or donkey, mule world between twelve and sixteen years old. Make sure your gelding has never been a stallion (you know having sex as this is called proud cut and can be more challenging for a beginner).  Choose a gelding that has been there and done that for all things you want to do. Oh one more thing; donkeys, horses and mules will test you to see if you are a good leader so make sure you get a coach.  Ask my mom Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC for more info.


Never Make A Donkey, Horse Or Mule Live Alone

Why? We are herd equine and us donkeys need to play; we like to grab the neck of another donkey and if you force us to live with a smaller animal such as a pig, goat, baby sheep, cows etc., we can play rough and have been known to kill smaller animals. We are not evil we just play this way and prefer to play with our own species. ” I lived with Miss Lily (quarter horse mare) and Rocket Man a 20 year old mini donkey for seven years. Believe me Miss Lily is much more happy now that she has Miss Trophy to live with. Why? Miss Lily wanted to run and I did not want to run I am a Mammoth donkey. Miss Trophy loves to run.” Rocket Man lives with our two new mini donkeys now as well I was too rough with him I am just too big for him now.

Trophy2014age61333lily and tropybaloonhorseslabordayweekendbaloon

Any more questions

Ask my mom as I mentioned above she is a a world-wide virtual coach for humans who own or want to rescue, purchase and get into the farm business of equine husbandry. Wondering why I call it this? Domesticated equine need a human who will be a husband for us, trim our feet in the spring and summer (high growing time) every six to seven weeks. Winter we can go a few weeks longer! Have our teeth done once a year, Rocket Man had an abscess and he could have died if mom and dad did not take good care of us. Miss Lily had two teeth growing in one spot as a three-year old. Get the vet out at least once a year for a physical and shots. We domesticated equine need west, tetanus and the five way shots if you are exposing us to other equine.



Diet and Care For The Donkey?

We need our hay to be tested, come in below 10% sugar as we are from the desert remember how I told you this above? We need clean water, warm in the winter, a safe vitamin talk to your vet. We need shelter and we need a blanket in case we get sick or the weather is horrific we cant take it when it get’s in the 20′s we freeze to death and well some donkeys do die from extreme cold. If we are white and have pink on our lips we can get sunburned and even get skin cancer. We need our hooves picked out every day. We need kisses, hugs and a good ear rub but be careful as youngsters ears can be broken and never stand up again. What Time Of The Day Is The Safest To Let Us Graze? Morning.




Please pick up the poop every day and compost it. We do not enjoy standing in our own poop and it brings flys. My mom uses fly predators ask her about them. Some times we need more help fly masks I like the ones with the strings on them and we need a fly sheet, even socks depending on where you live in the world.

Well that’s about it for now I am going back out to play and be a Mammoth Donkey! GOD really gave me a great forever home as I love my humans and my life. Have a great day!


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!








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Work, Work, Work and More Work As We Prepare To Move To Sequim, WA

Work, Work, Work and More Work As We Prepare To Move To Sequim, WA

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We purchased twenty acres in Sequim, WA last August with two pear trees, one apple tree and irrigation running six month out of the year.  We have been working non-stop since then to get the farm ready for us to move in with our equine.  We will be living in our 5th wheel while our one story home is built, adventures and stories to come no doubt. We will be doing some serious down sizing for the next seven months to say the least camping should be fun as we prepare to build our last home a home I need to live in with my physical disability.  The semi-truck accident has forever destroyed my spinal cord and I  have serious back pain and spasms praying the new farm that is flat and less rain will help me get stronger. I say never give up and trust GOD for all things.

The barn is finally being built as the concrete is in. We now have a well, running water, electricity, phone lines and the entire farm is fenced with Red Brand horse fence.  The interior fencing will be hot wire with run in sheds for the paradise paddock. We will be growing our own Orchard hay as this is low in sugar and perfect for easy keeper horses, donkeys and mules.

This last month has been a bit stressful as we are packing, coordinating projects and preparing our current five acre turn-key farm for sale.  My dog Jewel had emergency surgery and they removed 1 1/2 pound of tumor (3) of them interconnected near her heart. My husband got really sick for a week thank you Jesus both are healthy now and no cancer for our dog Jewel. Now Rio is foaming in the mouth and we are having the vet run test trying to find out what is wrong with him. Please pray for us and pray for Rio to get well fast.

Donkeys are stoic they show no pain until they are in big danger. Rio is eating, drinking, pooping, peeing and playing with Rocket Man but he is drooling non-stop for the last week. Something is wrong. Vet will figure this out and we will get him healthy again. GOD knows what he is doing and all of these trials have not stopped us from following our dreams and goals.

2/23/2014 The vet scoped Rio meaning sedated him and stuck a camera up his nose. Rio has an inflamed sore throat red and angry were Dr. Hills, words from Sound Vet, Poulsbo, WA. We are very grateful to Dr. Hills and Dr. Smith. Rio is now on antibiotics and I have to shove a tube up his nose twice a day with medicine to go down his throat with no sedation.  Rio is such a good boy he is handling this well.

How are we doing?

My sweet hubby and I are exhausted please pray for us all of this has been overwhelming to say the least.  We continue to trust Jesus and pray every day for GOD to give us favor to help us endure this stress.

The sun will shine again!


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!










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Spring Arrives On The Donkey Whisperer Farm, WA

Spring Arrives On The Donkey Whisperer Farm, WA


Last Sunday afternoon we hit 70 in Kingston, WA yeh! I gave Rio, Rocket Man and Miss Lily a little trim. I never do a complete body shave on my donkeys just around their eyes, jaw line, donkey tail and a buzz cut on their mane. My horse is much easier she gets a buzz cut for her bridle path and I remove the long hair on her fetlock. That’s it for her.

Why do I leave the fur on the donkeys?

Donkeys know when it is time to shed and the fur protects them from the insects. :)

Why does my donkey have bald spots?

I would check for lice. We use Buzz Off recommended by our vet. The birds poop and the donkeys have such thick fur the birds transmit it. Buzz off is safe and effective do not get in their eye place on the pole of their back and rub in with a brush. After you are finished clean the brush in bleach water.


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





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Questions and Answers For Donkeys


Questions and Answers:

I have asked everyone I know for this answer:
I have a 3 year old mini jenny who insist on pooping in her water. She goes to great lengths to do this. Recently we moved the water outside her pen so she would.
Have to reach through the rails to drink. She backs up to the rail and STILL poops in the water. WHY????

My answer:

My theory is this. Donkeys are smart. Donkey demand clean water, they want their water bowls scrubbed out. Our mini does this as he knows he will get clean water and the bucket cleaned out each time he does this. Donkeys are smarter than most humans.

We change the buckets out every other day and brush clean. This stopped the problem. Give it a try wash your bucket out every other day with a brush and fill with clean water.

Do you need help with your horse, donkey or mule? I provide virtual coaching to you the owner from your computer to my computer. I am training you to train your donkey, mule or horse and I have references.  Select Donkey Whisperer Farm Select store to pay for one lesson or the best buy is ten lessons. Hurry as I am a world-wide coach and soon I will have no more time available. We have four new equine coming home, two standard donkeys, one mini and a new horse that I will be training along with me learning how to drive and train Rio to pull a cart. Not to mention we are selling our turn key five acre farm in Kingston, WA select farm for sale and moving to Sequim, WA.



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




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Reach thousands, save thousands with Premarin billboards

Reach thousands, save thousands with Premarin billboards

Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC:

In order to make premarin for women in menopause horses have to be pregnant.  These babies are sent to slaughter in most cases. Please do no support this drug.

Originally posted on TUESDAY'S HORSE:

A major focus of the Premstoppers campaign is educating doctors and women.

First of all, thank you for sending the Dear Physician letter to all those women’s health doctors.

We always know when you are busy with this because of the calls and emails we get asking for more information. See the power of a letter. They still work.

I’ll tell you something else that seems old-fashioned and still works.

Billboards. We love billboards. They can be very powerful. And a good investment.

The “Warning! Premarin Contains Horse Urine” billboard is a real winner. We put them at medical centers near women’s hospitals if we can.

Our goal is now 25. We now have 11 thanks to our last Premstoppers shout out. Will you help?

Reports say that 9 million women are taking Premarin.

Women taking Premarin is what puts mares on the “pee lines” and foal meat on the…

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