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Fish Relax Me


Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm, We have been living in our 5th wheel since June 1st, 2014 as we made the decision to have one house payment. We are living on the promise of Jesus Christ; living on the land GOD gave us we never went looking for this […]


Originally posted on The Hurt Healer:
“Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.” ~ Elizabeth David.  What’s your definition of a miracle? An unexpected and unexplained blessing? An extraordinary healing?  A life changing event? Of course what constitutes a miracle for me, may be something that is quite usual for…

Trust GOD For All Things

A few photo’s I snapped of my garden, yes my fountain has a really soothing sound but the big bonus is watching the birds bathe in the fountain and take a sip of cool water. Usually I am writing about the animals specifically donkeys, horses and mules, pets, farm living […]


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