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Motor Vehicle Accident

When Life Throws Storms Our Way

Howdy, When life throws storms our way it feels like we are all alone in this great big world, it feels overwhelming, as children of Jesus Christ we are never alone.  Here is another YouTube serenity prayer turn up your volume and trust GOD to restore everything stolen above and beyond your […]

Got Snow?

Howdy, Here are a few photos of our farm after GOD blanketed everything with the bright beautiful snow.  Beautiful from the warmth of my snuggly living room with the fire going and a warm cup of hot coco in hand.  I have learned to be very cautious in the cold and […]

Learning To Dance In The Storm

Howdy, Life After An Almost Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident is challenging to say the least as chronic pain changes the person we once were, making it difficult to navigate life but not impossible.  Just for a moment think about a movie or book where people have overcome extreme trauma and obstacles?  Please never forget the shoes […]

A Few Of My Favorite Memories

Howdy, I continue to move forward working hard to build my core muscles again and keep my upper body strong I try to avoid back spasms.  GOD is great and I am forever a changed person. I am most grateful for my husband Scott of almost nineteen years as he has […]

Lover Relationship Quiz

Howdy, Learn to enjoy the moment in life as you will never be here again as each day is a blessing from GOD! Every relationship we are in has the opportunity to be successful based on our influence and grace of the other persons point of view.  What does this mean?  […]

God Created A Miracle For Me

GOD, Jesus Christ and his angels spared my life in what can only be called a miracle. April 13, 2010 I survived a life threatening motor vehicle accident when a large farm truck I call it a (semi-truck hit) full of cow manure slammed into the passenger door of the vehicle I […]


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