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Falling In Love/Training Another Horse And Four More Donkeys

Falling In Love/Training Another Horse And Four More Donkeys

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

“To all of my readers who have been following my blog since 2010 you know how important my family two and four-legged is to me and I just want to say thank you for reading my blog and following my journey in this thing called life. If you are new to my blog you can search all the way back to 2010 and see my journey in blogging and life, thank you for reading my blog and may GOD bless each and every one of you and your families two and four-legged in Jesus Christ Name.”  Melody, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

My horse Miss Lily (Palomino quarter horse) I call her Mr. Ed’s wife is so darn smart and special, we are very connected she is in her forever home. June 1st, 2014 I was able to bring Miss Trophy our new horse home to her forever home. Miss Trophy gets to live with Miss Lily first and most important as horses need to live with another horse, second for me to teach her to trust, think and use her brain. Why does she need to learn to think? She is not a wild horse she is a domesticated horse a horse who needs to accept the human world for the vet, trimmer/farrier, saddle, going in the trailer and much, much more. One day I will ride this mare with just her halter on and no bit, but not today as she needs time to adjust to her new life and learn to trust me to be a leader using resistance free training. Miss Trophy has not been started yet (carried a rider with a saddle) she is six years old. June of 2014 we brought home Oboe and Tuba (rescue donkeys no paperwork) to live with Rio our Mammoth donkey 16’2  hands tall and eight now. Rocket Man (our mini donkey age 20) now lives in a mini donkey world with Roy and Maximus (two new minis) all live in separate spaces and are balanced and calm. Roy and Maximus are afraid of the blanket and much, much more one step forward, one step back all the while helping them learn to trust me.

Minis Live together, Mares Live Together and Rio with Oboe and Tuba

After studying the behavioral traits of Miss Lily, Rio the Mammoth donkey and Rocket Man I learned that this is not a safe and natural way to live. Why? Miss Lily wants to run and chase Rocket Man and would get frustrated with Rio as he would not run with her and she would ride him like a stallion trying to get him to run. Can a horse live with another smaller animal or a donkey sure but the personality, sex and age are all factors. Miss Lily is an extreme athlete and an extrovert she likes to run and move fast. Rio is an extreme gentle giant an introvert he prefers to stand around and look at things. Rocket Man is a mini and he is not big enough to out-run a fast horse or a Mammoth donkey that is 16’2. When Rio and Rocket Man bonded Rio was nine months old and small, Rocket Man was thirteen. Now Rio is so big when he grabs his neck, normal behavior for donkeys he picks Rocket Man off the ground a few feet and then lays on him with his knee. Not safe and thus why they no longer live together. When Miss Lily would chase Rocket Man Rio would protect him. Rio can see Rocket Man on the other side of the fence and will always love him but he is too big to live with him. I am grateful to GOD nothing bad happened to Rocket Man while we were waiting to get moved to our new farm in Sequim, WA.

Miss Trophy our new mare is truly smart, athletic and contagious with beauty she is not easy as horses go as she is very defensive and reactive so we are working on helping her relax and feel calm in her new world while having a plan to set her up for success and stay safe. A thousand pound horse who is only using the reactive side of their brain can’t think and make good choices they are into the flight or fight mode and this is a dangerous horse. As long as we humans have a plan this horse can learn to think again this entails a lot of patience and time and a plan to keep her and me safe. I am pleased to report Miss Trophy now trusts me and this is a huge accomplishment in a very short amount of time. After getting to run free on the ten acres for five hours (we will one day grow low sugar hay on) with Miss Lily this mare is the first to come to me when I call. She comes to me before my Miss Lily amazing ha? Not really when you understand the personality of this mare and her most important issue is to gravitate towards safety and a fair leader ME. I trump Miss Lily and for this I am extremely pleased with my training.  Miss Trophy is truly a magnificent horse and we are starting to bond and build a super strong relationship as she finally trusts me after four months of being handled lightly every day. I have taught her how to back-up a few steps, whoaa and come to me, send into her stall or the pasture, turn around, lower her head and let me take the halter off, wait at least thirty seconds before leaving me. She can now stand for the farrier without urinating, pawing, defecating or squealing and she has lost 1″ in height as she is not in fear for her life on adrenalin. When she came to me she hated the halter and now she actually chooses to put her head into the rope halter as I wait for her to choose. She can stand calmly and not have stress, excited to see what is next to learn.






“Miss Lily has lived with me since she was twenty months old and she is now nine. Miss Lily did not come to me trained and she was difficult and not confident in the beginning. Today she is a confident and strong nine-year old Palomino mare, she is a huge part of the training and success I am having with this new un-confident mare as all animals and humans gravitate towards calm energy and a leader with a plan.” Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC





I am a world-wide virtual coach for you the owner of the horse, donkey or mule to learn how to care, setup your farm for mud free, correct diet, load in the trailer, pick up the hooves, stand for the trimmer/farrier ride, go for a hike carry your lunch, take fecal samples. The sky is the limit when you learn to understand the personality and behavior of your horse, donkey or mule and yourself. The most important part of being a great leader is controlling our energy and having a plan to stay safe and keep the equine depending on the personality engaged. Example; My introverted Mammoth donkey Rio does not enjoy big changes, loud noises or anything new thrown at him put on him fast. In fact my extroverted new mini donkeys do not enjoy this either.

What do the different personalities crave and desire to relax and learn?

The introvert is looking for a leader who is calm and has low energy to take the time it takes to help them feel comfortable with change. Sometimes this is like watching paint dry for us humans with the extrovert personality. Thus why I teach to train them in small time frames as drilling makes them crazy both the extroverts and the introverts.

The Extrovert is looking for a calm leader with low energy that can pick up the energy and make things fun this takes having a plan and setting them up for success without us humans getting hurt. The introvert learns extremely fast after they trust us and have learned to use their brain to think. Can’t think when scared for your life. I have four new donkeys all geldings in training, Oboe and Tuba are both rescues no paperwork. Oboe is an extrovert and will fight to the end with any equine or human he does not trust. Tuba is an introvert. Maximus is our mini black gelding age two and an extreme extrovert along with Roy who is extroverted too but can go into introversion like Rocket Man our mini age twenty he is bi-polar at times when very stressed. This personality is one of the most interesting as I find studying the behavior traits of the herd and the personality on a daily basis.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is in animals just like us humans

When we bring home a new animal dog, horse, donkey, mule, cat and they did not get the beginning imprinting meaning touch safely, love and the time to learn humans are safe we are seriously bringing personality and behaviors that may or may not ever change.  Example in 2008 after my most beloved kitty Shimmer died I waited a year and let PAWS know I was looking for another Manx mix rescue. A man I worked with in information technology had the mother of a manx mix and she had kittens he told me I could have one of his kittens for free. My husband and I brought Shimmer home to live with us at seven weeks and he adored being held and loved on by both me and my hubby. Shimmer had a great start in life the love of his mom and siblings and was touched gently by humans as a kitten. I taught Shimmer to walk on a lead like a dog and he traveled all over the USA with us in our R.V. and car. He was very social and felt safe with us and our dogs. Christmas was great fun as he loved opening his presents yes a cat that could open his present (cat nipped tucked inside) I miss you Shimmer and know one day I will snuggle with you again in heaven.

When I got the call two kittens now three months old were ready to pick up I ran to the center to meet them. I made the decision to only bring one home but after hearing their story about being found in an abandoned car and how scared they were I thought I can help these girls I will take them both. I am happy to share moving into the 5th wheel is helping them as we are in a smaller space but they still want nothing to do with us other than food, water and their cat box cleaned. Our dogs are a different story they like to snuggle against them and they sleep with them to stay warm on the floor. They sleep on our bed when we are gone and never when we are in it.


After living with us for six years they are still distant with us. They do not trust us, their memories of PTSD with humans spaying them, giving them shots, living in a cage waiting for a home and worse are still in their minds and to fix a cat that is feral is most of the time impossible. These girls are indoor cats. To fix a human with extreme PTSD can take years and can work or can not work it all depends on the personality of the human and the person doing the rehabilitation. Studies have found horses and donkeys used with licensed mental health care workers to help PTSD humans live a great life again. PTSD never goes away as triggers can set the animal and the human off but they can learn to live a good life. Interesting ha?

Shimmer my prayer is you are in heaven chasing bugs, and climbing trees and when tired you lay in a dry warm place and enjoy heaven. I love you and miss you every day my kitty Shimmer.



 Purcilla and Jasmine (feral rescue sisters)


If you need help to train your donkey, horse or mule give me a call the first thirty minutes is free to meet and greet. Melody Johnson, (360) 620-5868. I am a world-wide virtual coach to train you to train your equine. We use Skype, your videos and mine along with detailed homework assignments. Each of your lessons are banked and kept track of via quick books so if life happens we can step back into training when you are ready. Learning from the comfort of your home is a really smart way to learn as you are relaxed and your brain has time to learn, having a personal coach to ask questions is invaluable as no DVD will give you this.

I look forward to coaching you as fall and winter is the perfect time to study and prepare to have a plan when spring arrives. We meet once a week via Skype. My Skype name is DONKEYWHISPERERFARM2010.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


(360) 620-5868


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A Mini Mule

What Is A Mini Mule?

A mini mule has a pony or miniature horse for a mom and a mini donkey for a dad.


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


(360) 620-5868 or e-mail me at

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Abandoned Mule Needs A Forever Home In Florida

Abandoned Mule Needs A Forever Home In Florida

mule Lake Butler needs home


Horse Protection Association of Florida (HPAF) was contacted by Union County Sheriff’s Office about this mule.  He or she we do not know, was found stray and has been contained in a pasture. They said they can get the mule into a pen for loading and transport. The mule is located in Lake Butler Florida. We need help finding this foundling a home after obviously being abandoned by it’s “owner”.  Please pass this on to your contacts and lets see if we can get this little guy/gal a home.
Thank you for your help!



Morgan Silver

Executive Director

Please select Horse Protection Association of Florida to get more details


What Can I Do To Help This Mini Mule?

  1. Re-blog
  2. Like
  3. Share on all of your social media sites


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


(360) 620-5868 or e-mail me at



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Driving Down The Road With A Donkey, Horse Or Mule

Driving Down The Road With A Donkey, Horse Or Mule



Not my accident…. Please drive careful when following a horse trailer or just driving.

This is not my photo of the trailer accident, I could have not written this any better.  Melody, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

Dear Drivers,

My most valued possession is inside the trailer behind my vehicle. She stepped into that rolling steel box because I asked her to and she trusts me. She’s a living, breathing creature, and all 500kg of her are precariously balanced on four tiny hooves as my vehicle and trailer wind down the road.

My horse is not a boat or camp trailer, and I cannot stop quickly or turn sharply without risking her safety and even her life.

Know that I will do just about anything to avoid hitting the brakes with a horse in my trailer. However, if your Suburban is hidden in the blind spot behind my horse trailer and I do have to stop suddenly, you’re too close to stop without ending up in the trailer with my horse.

When I make those excruciatingly slow, wide turns, I need them to prevent my horse from potentially falling over and injuring herself. Please give me room and time to turn.

And that large distance between me and the car in front of me? It might look like enough room to fit three sedans bumper to bumper, but it’s actually the distance I need to stop softly and safely without my horse falling.

Those times when we’re headed up a hill, my speed is as fast as I can go. My foot has the accelerator pressed to the floor, and no matter how hard you try, your WRX can’t push us up this hill. I promise I’ll move to the left lane when it becomes available or pull over if I find a safe spot on the shoulder, but until then I ask for your patience and some space.

Lastly, my set up weighs 3 tons, and that much weight prevents me from swerving. When you pass me going 100kmph uphill on a blind corner, you don’t just put my horse at risk: Your driving threatens the lives of the oncoming driver, my passenger, me, you, and everyone in the cars behind us.

So next time you see a horse trailer, assume an animal’s in there. Please give the them some space and offer some patience. By driving safely, we’ll all get where we’re going.

These photos show you what happens when a horse trailer driver is forced to attempt to stop suddenly or swerve sharply and suddenly.

Thank you,
Horse, Donkey and Mule Owner

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




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World-Wide Virtual Donkey, Horse and Mule Training – I Am Now Accepting New Students

World-Wide Virtual Donkey, Horse and Mule Training – I Am Now Accepting New Students

First off I would like to thank GOD in Jesus Christ name for healing my body and giving me this opportunity to help others all over the world. In 2010 I survived a semi-truck accident leaving me with a life long disability three large screws in my pelvis. I was told by the doctors I am a miracle. Select GOD created a miracle for me to read all about it. Never give up as GOD will never give up on you!!!!



IMG_26543 minimelodykissingriomelodypushingriosearsforwardwhilestandingage7_edited-1certificateparrellihorsanlityfeb42014melodylilybittlessarean2013age8OBOEBESTSHOTJULY2014melodyrioage7ridingdoinggreat001lily and tropy

My husband Scott and I of twenty one years just moved to our dream farm in Sequim, WA a couple of months ago and boy has our life changed. We are now living in our 5th wheel while we wait for our five acre farm of thirteen years to sell in Kingston, WA on Trophy Lane, select five acre turn-key equestrian farm for sale. We built everything on our new farm for the animals first and our home will come last. This is how much we love our animals.

Around the farm eight is enough:

One Mammoth Donkey age 8 Rio Johnson, FB (we have had Rio in our life since he was nine months old)

AUBREY and Xander enjoying the farm

Two horses one quarter horse, Miss Lily, Palomino age 9 (We have had her in our life since she was 20 months)

Aubree getting ready to go for a ride on Lily with me leading

Aubree getting ready to go for a ride on Lily with me leading

One black saddlebred mare age 6 had her living with us since we moved to the new farm, my new project horse


Three mini donkeys; Rocket Man age 20 (living with us since 2007, sitting down), Maximus black on the left and Roy on the right.


Roy age 4, moved in last month, Roy is now in my pocket every where I go. He walks all around the farm with me and when we took him we were told he would need a special human. Well he found me and I love him dearly as I do all of our animals we also have two cats. Jasmine and Purcilla both rescues of course as Oboe and Tuba are they are the two standard donkeys one is red and one is the same color as Rio, a mini me.  Roy is in the photo on the right from the breeders farm I need to get another photo of him to share of the two of us exploring the 20 acre farm.  I am on intstagram RIOTHEMAMMOTHDONKEY, Facebook, Riothemammothdonkey and Donkey Whisperer Farm. I created a group for horse, donkey and mule owners on FB named ON DONKEY TIME with over 2k members since Feb of this year come on over and smile every day.

Maximus age 2,  and Roy age 4 moved in last month, black donkey gelded in May. More training required here.


Accepting New Students For Donkey, Horse and Mule Training, I am a world-wide virtual coach, consultant and trainer of you the owner. I teach you how to lead, train with no abuse. I train you to train using resistance free methods. “Violence has no place in our personal lives or with our animals. Melody Johnson.”  Please select my business page Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC and go to our store for my prices. Select our store for cost you can pay by credit card or money order to P.O. Box 248, Sequim, WA 98382.

cindy2 cindytesterman1

A testimonial of one of my current students abut to graduate.

My name is Cindy Testerman, Oklahoma 7/24/2014

I have two standard large donkeys, Billy a gelding and a jenny named Mandy. My husband bought them for me in March of 2013. Let me tell you these donkeys were scarred and wild. Not having a clue with what to do with them other than type of shelter they needed and what to feed them.

For a month ever day I would walk out into our pasture, locate them, follow them, sit down as close as they would let me. They would look at me and walk away. Finally we decided that they needed to be in a smaller area. We were able to coax them into a small paddock with hay and carrots of course and close the gate. After a couple of days I was able to pet and brush them. That was all I could do with them for quite some time.

First farrier visit was stressful and horrible as my donkeys were scarred.

I’m most certain that they had never had their hooves trimmed prior to that. They did get better with the farrier with time but not how I wanted them to be better as I had to tie them. When I asked for their hooves it was certainly not like today it happened but it was stressful. I had fallen in love with my donkeys and loved spending time with them, brushing them and hugging them but I knew that I wanted more out of our relationship and knew I needed a professional trainer. Not a lot of donkey trainers here in Oklahoma. None to my knowledge anyways but I belonged to a group called “On Donkey Time” on face book and thought I would try Melody Johnson’s virtual training.

I started working with Melody on April 9th, 2014 and I can now trailer load my donkeys and take them for walks. Next summer I will be coming to Melody’s farm for a cart pulling class with National teacher Nate Bowers, Parelli. All of the foundation has been laid so I am now ready to teach my donkeys to pull a cart after I learn. Melody has explained to me that having a foundation for cart pulling is key to the success and for the safety of me and my donkeys.

Now I know it seems strange to have a trainer that lives over 1000 miles away but with today’s technology, you don’t even have to leave your home.

Once a week, unless something in life gets in the way and prevents it, Melody and I meet, we see one another via skype and it’s a personal trainer face to face, much cheaper than hiring a local trainer if you have that option. I make video of myself working with my donkeys (homework assigned by Melody) and then send it to her email with my IPhone. Sounds simple enough right?

The First Time I Met Melody

She wanted to know what I could do with my donkeys without getting hurt and specifically what my goals and dreams were.  At that time I was able to pick up their feet and clean their hooves while they were tied up to a tree and I could halter them and that was it. I told her that my goal was cart pulling and taking them for walks.

Currently I am more than half way done with a 10 lesson personalized training program and after seven lessons I am able to clean their hooves ground tied, meaning they are not tied up to a tree anymore. When the farrier comes they are not tied up. They are haltered and have a lead rope on and I hold them and bury their head into my chest. Oh it’s so less stressful and what a bond I now have with them as I am the leader they come to me for safety.

After working with Melody my donkeys understand what whoa, walk on, back up, foot and over means. Gee and haw (right and left) is coming along. I am able to send them into their stall and they turn around and lower their head for me to take their halter off. Currently we are working on trailer loading and before I met with Melody this last session my husband drove the truck and trailer into the pasture so that the donkeys could look at it, smell it, check it out. I used what Melody had taught me so far and we slowly walked out to the trailer, carrots in hand and I said to Billy, walk on and before I knew it he had all four feet on the trailer and not even scarred. I gave him a carrot and told him good job and then said back up. He did it!! I was shocked! Wow! Mandy will soon follow. She has gotten 3 feet on and she too can back up like a pro!!!

I am so amazed how far we have come in just seven sessions.

My once wild donkeys are becoming partners to me with me staying in the leadership position without abuse my body language, voice, and words and they are well trained donkeys, TRAINED BY ME. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever. I think it’s so rewarding because donkeys, horses or mules will give back to you if you love them, respect them and train them the way they should be trained. I will always be grateful for what Melody has taught me. Melody loves her donkeys and horses. She also enjoys teaching. If she feels like you’re not learning or not understanding what she’s teaching you, she really takes it to heart. She wants me and her other students to be successful.

So, for anyone who is reading my review, I highly recommend Melody Johnson’s virtual training program.

Cindy Testerman, Oklahoma


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




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Need Help With Your Donkey, Mule or Horse?

Need Help With Your Donkey, Mule or Horse?

Melody Kissing Rio

I am a world-wide virtual coach of you the owner of a horse, donkey or mule. I provide virtual coaching sessions via Skype (I coach you to train your equine), my videos, your videos, and detailed home work assignments once a week for you to do with your equine. Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

If you need help with basic social skills such as;

1. Teach the equine to catch you

2. Trim the hooves without sedation, i.e., kicking, striking, running away

3. Teach the equine to go for a walk with you and not drag you around or prepare for riding, cart pulling

4. Teach your equine to load in the trailer

The first 45 minutes is free to meet and greet via the phone or Skype. My cell is 360 620-5868 and my Skype name is Donkeywhispererfarm2010.

I have three students getting ready to graduate and I can now accept three more.


Select About Melody

Select Donkey Whisperer Farm Store  for coaching prices.

I look forward to coaching you in your home to train your donkey, mule or horse.

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




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I Work Hard For My Family, Two and Four-Legged

I Work Hard For My Family, Two and Four-Legged



obo4obo2 - Copysequim10192013 039couragejohnway


Melody working Lily in the outdoor arena

Melody working Lily in the outdoor arena




I work hard so my family two and four-legged can have a better life. Please remember all your animals need to be in your living will!  Why? Death, and trauma can happen to us humans and our animals need us to have a plan. Remember the animals did not choose you, you brought them to live in your life.  Donkeys can live forty to fifty years in domestication and horses can live until they are in their mid thirties.

Please support my small business select Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC. Thank you!


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





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