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It’s Raining! Where Are My Long Johns?

Well I’m back to lower back pain, hip pain and feet going numb as the barometric pressure has changed drastically in the last twenty-four hours. The semi-truck accident left me with three large screws in my pelvis, arthritis, nerve damage and joint pain. The stainless steel screws in my pelvis do […]

Iron Sharpens Iron

Wow I have heard this statement over and over again; I guess this is what helps people feel better saying such a thing when trauma hits our sweet loved ones.  Another one I hear over and over is “GOD only gives you as much as you can take, you must be really strong.” GOD loves his […]

Living With Chronic Pain

Why write this post? It is my hope and desire that my life story will help you have a bit more empathy for your family and friends who are suffering with pain.  Animals cannot speak our language and they depend on us humans to pay attention to how they are […]

Massage Therapy Helps Chronic Pain

Howdy, Have you ever wondered if massage therapy can help you or your loved one suffering with pain?  Sadly I have been suffering from chronic pain and neuropathy of my feet, ankles and knees since 2010 after surviving a semi truck accident select GOD created a miracle for me to […]


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