We Are Living Art, Created To Hang On, Stand Up and Encourage Others – Maya Angelou

We Are Living Art, Created To Hang On, Stand Up and Encourage Others – Maya Angelou


I have loved animals since I was a small child, got the fever for horses at the tender age of five. I fell deeply in love with donkeys and mules In my late forties.  My love for donkeys, and mules forced me to learn as much as possible for them.  

“Donkeys are not horses with long ears.” Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC







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IMG_4028 OBOECHRISTMASDAY20124gal SNOWFARM2014 viewfromourhome WEATHERSTATION WEB PAGE IMG_4056 IMG_3933 IMG_4028 IMG_3840 BARNMTSgallerywebsite barn


Oboe and Tuba

“I quickly found a huge gap in education, health and training for these majestic equine, the under dog of the equine world a donkey.”

Why? Donkeys and mules do not bring in large amounts of money like race horses, cutting, dressage.


Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC opened for business on January, 1st, 2014

Select Virtual Coach, Trainer and Consultant for more details.  Select Donkey Whisperer Farm website  to learn more about my virtual training buisness, I have successfully helped over 55 people for free in the past three years. Select client testimonials to understand how I can help you from your home anywhere in the world without you having to leave the comfort of your home or haul your equine.

Are you ready to work with me?

Send me an e-mail at 

Donkeys are unique they deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and natural training techniques, no bit, no spurs no abuse. 


Please remember “training a donkey is a challenge to learn and understand how to best communicate and train them as they do not learn like a horse.”   Donkeys are not horses with long ears. Donkeys require us humans to think like a donkey or mule and wait another day for training as donkeys are on donkey time, kinda like being a human in Hawaii everything is slowed way down.  Unlike the horse the donkey or mule can think all the time, Donkeys are always on donkey time. Slow way down when working with a donkey or mule, sit down and wait for them to come to you.

Melody teaching Rio steering using no bit or spurs


I have been a student of the Parelli home study program since 2007 right after purchasing my horse (a young filly at twenty months not trained), a nine month old baby mammoth donkey (not trained) and a mini donkey at the age of thirteen. I share honestly why the Parelli home study program works for my horse and donkeys. I am not authorized to teach Parelli as I am not an instructor.

After three short lessons with the Parelli carrot stick Rio now has steering – No bit, no spurs



I am married to my best friend and husband Scott and forever grateful to him for helping me keep my dream of farm living in the midst of trauma.  We share our life with one Mammoth donkey, three mini donkey, two rescue standard donkeys, two horses, three dogs and two cats.  Our new farm in Sequim, Washington has twenty acres, two horses, two mini donkeys, two standard donkeys and one Mammoth donkey. I am very grateful for all of the blessings and gifts GOD has provided me and my husband as each day is truly a gift, life is truly fragile and precious. 

Jesus Christ is amazing! Most importantly I share why Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and how my husband and I trust GOD to hold us tight in the middle of trauma. GOD is amazing.

Donkeys, horses and mules are healing they help us humans step out of our personal journey in life.  To know a donkey will forever change the human who wants to learn and love again.   Take a look at this article explaining the donkey much better than I can from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.

I  am a survivor of a life threatening motor vehicle accident while riding as a passenger when the driver of the vehicle I was in ran a stop sign, a semi truck fully loaded with cow manure smashed into the passenger door where I was sitting leaving me permanently disabled.  Select GOD created a miracle for me to read about the trauma and blessings.  After surviving a life threatening car accident so many things change, we continue to thank GOD that our relationship with Jesus Christ is strengthened and reinforced.  

We continue to thank GOD for his Miracle of life and healing one day at a time.  When I am pressed on every side by troubles, I am not crushed and broken.  When I am perplexed because I don’t know why things happen as they do, I don’t give up and quit. 2nd Corinthians 4:8 I pray my transparency gives you hope and the ability to never give up most importantly make Jesus Christ you Lord and Savior.  The bible is still my favorite book. 

Animals are very healing, they help us humans be grateful for everything in our life and live in the moment. LILRUNNING2012AGE7

melodlilysept2013 riorocketman2012july

“If you have something you want to do with your life get going to move towards your dreams and goals as life is fragile and precious.”

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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orcas1 OrcaPod_KatieMJones 4179-26201


Select change for the Orca whales as GREED SUCKS!


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



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My Best Friend Is My Hubby Scott Of Almost 23 Years!


best friend

I love you Scott!



GOD has a plan, he takes one extrovert with big dreams and one introvert and mixes this together to make Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnson. Thank you Scott! Thank you for making all my dreams come true. Thank you for not letting me lay in sorrow after the semi-truck accident and cry, thank you for not selling my horse and donkeys.  Thank you for giving me four more donkeys and another horse.  Thank you for stepping out of the city life into the life of a farmer. Thank you for living in this tiny 5th wheel with me so we can build our last home.

You are truly a farm man now! Thank you for not turning me in for a younger healthy model after the semi-truck accident, you stuck with me and help me live with the pain every day.  Most men would have walked away but not you, you stood by my side day after day and still when I cry from pain you hold my hand and tell me you love me. I am so much in love with you, more than words can describe.

I love you so much and I want you to always remember that the best thing that ever happened to me in this world is you! You are my best friend, my lover, my husband and my partner in this thing called life. I am forever grateful for every minute, hour and day we have together. We never know when our time is up, so we cherish the moments we get! You always make me laugh when I want to cry, you always tell me things will get better. You are truly an inspiration to me and you Scott Johnson are the man of my dreams. You are my Rock and I pray I am for you what you are for me.

This is my love letter to you in public! I know we are private but today I needed to say thank you, I love you to the entire world. As the last year has been difficult but great things are ahead. We started a new business together Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC and soon GOD will provide the resources to start growing low sugar/protein hay on our farm. THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST!

We are now fifty-five and going stronger every day!


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



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Why Choose Two Mini Donkeys?

Mini donkeys, can learn to carry your lunch go for a hike, walk when you walk, back-up when you back up, send into a stall quickly turn-around and face you and wait for you to take their halter off.  Stand and whoa, pick up the foot calmly. Mini’s can be taught to go to nursing homes and  help the sick and elderly. A mini donkey can learn to do donkey agility too depending on the physical health and personality introverts are not much into running, for donkey agility you want an extrovert!  Mini donkeys stand eye to eye with your small child and can learn to pull a cart too. Mini donkeys do have weight limits, no more than twenty percent of their body weight and you should ride them in the correct position not on their butt, neck etc.


Mini donkeys love to be with children as they know the child is safe! So remember this when you take your child to look at the mini donkey have them walk up slow and stay calm.

AUBREY and Xander enjoying the farm

Mini donkeys can learn to come a running to you when you call them, pick up their hooves for you and are comedians for sure as they love to play tag, grab the neck, and play tug with a jolly ball, grain bowl or my favorite to watch an orange traffic cone from HOME DEPOT. You will never be sorry if you get two minis and let them enjoy living in a mini world. Mini donkeys do not need as big of shelter, they require less food and still need trimmer, vet, shots, teeth and yearly vet exams. Your vet will help you decide what I most essential depending on the exposure they will be placed in. If you are selecting your first donkey the easiest is a gelding that has never re-produced and is a clean slate meaning no one has abused. Ensure no dog or predator can attack them so they can relax I recommend RED BRAND horse fence as their hoof will not get caught in it. LOWES IS THE CHEAPEST. Mini’s can do all the things the big donkeys and horses can do. Depending on you the owner to learn how to train them. Looking for a coach, consultant and trainer?

Donkeys ride in a trailer with no halter, they ride loose! Why? Donkeys are into self-preservation unlike the horse who is fight or flight equine. I own two mares (athletic horses) here on the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC along with three mini donkeys, two standard and one Mammoth. Eight is enough as I am a world-wide trainer, coach and consultant of you the owner of a donkey, horse or mule. Select our store to see my world-wide business.

Ask me why I do not put my mini’s in with my horses and Mammoth and standard donkeys?


Roy our new mini age 5, Amazing jumper

Roy our new mini age 5, Amazing jumper

Rocket Man mini age 21 where is my dinner hurry!

Rocket Man mini age 21 where is my dinner hurry!

Minis coming in out of the wind

Minis coming in out of the wind

Mini donkeys get us back to our stall

Mini donkeys get us back to our stall

IMG_20150524_140350 royhappyage42014summerROCKETMANSMALLPHOTOROLLRocketmaneye

Rocket Man mini age 21 where is my dinner hurry!

Rocket Man mini age 21 where is my dinner hurry!

20140620_08480020150501_17283320140817_093755royboy2014decnewtofarmage4 Rocketmamcloseupcarrotsage2020134miniscaleandar2014



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



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Wild Donkeys and Horses


Select Take Action to read all about it!

wild donkeys

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



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YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!



GOD gave you your own finger print and your own destiny and life. Now you must choose to change life if things are not going the way you want them to go. NEVER GIVE UP and ALWAYS PRAY TO JESUS!






GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



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Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm

I am now selling hand-made donkey rope halters/lead lines with brass snaps and a leather end. If you would like to purchase one check mine out. 100% return policy. These halters and lead lines are perfect fit for your donkey, made out of yacht rope easy to wash in a soapy bucket and dry. Never will these halters mold! PLEASE NEVER LEAVE ANY HALTER ON YOUR EQUINE WHILE NOT IN 100% ATTENDANCE AS DEATH AND SELF MUTILATION CAN BE AVOIDED.

I train you the owner to whistle or call your horse, donkey or mule to come to you on twenty acres or more!

If you want to purchase one please know I am giving up my KeyBank store in August as bank fees are too high, I am now accepting money orders or checks if the check bounces a fee will be given to you. I will process the order after the funds have transferred.

How can I order SELECT OUR STORE  Write your money order to

Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC,

P.O. Box 248

Sequim, WA 98382


 Select size, quantity and color. We have the measurements for mini and standard but Mammoths must be measured as each has a unique head size. I will send you how to messure and get off to my contractor after the measurements are received for the Mammoths only. Mini’s and Standards fit perfectly. No measuring required….

Thank you for supporting our small business Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

Melody Johnson, owner, world-wide trainer

Select DONKEY WHISPERER FARM  to see our website.

standard rope halter mini rope halteron donkey time sign and rope haltermammoth rope halter lead line brass snap leather endcream mini rope halterropehaltersnapcolorsinstockspecialordercolorminiropehalterbleu

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



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Whispers Of The Open Sea

Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC:

Love the Ocean so very much, enjoy!

Originally posted on Maxima:


Lay your head on my chest,
And leave your soul,
Your heart,
the sun and the sea
And welcome my kisses,
My beautiful angel
I love you

POST 19.7.2015.

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