Whats Special About Donkeys?

Hello World!

Donkeys have really long ears built for hearing the predator as they evolved in the desert.  Mammoth donkeys have big lips perfect for a little bite of a carrot every once in a while with no worries to nip their human partner fingers. Donkeys love to be loved on, talked to, and just basically be your friend any time day or night.

Donkeys open up fast when they trust their human partner completely this takes time and effort on the humans part as so many donkeys have seen the wrong side of a human or just not seen the human.  So many donkeys are just thrown in a pasture and never given the time and effort they need please don’t do this to your donkey as they are special.  Donkeys work best with the human partner who respects them and understands they are not A to B equine they need to be approached with creativity and several ideas to help them along.

Please remember donkeys are visual learners so make sure they can see you working with the honor donkey, mule or horse before attempting to train them to do something new as this gives them time to process the new information but I think most importantly ensure they are safe and will not be hurt.  Donkeys are into self-preservation first and most importantly. Before long the donkey will be standing at the gate wanting your attention this is the perfect time to do a little training remember training must be fair 100% of the time when working with your donkey.  Reverse psychology works wonders for donkey training.

Donkeys can do everything the horse can do they simply need a special human partner to help them along their way.  Donkeys are truly special and unique not much medical information gathered for these special equine. Imperative if you own a donkey to do your best to educate yourself on their very special diet needs of low sugar hay as they are always easy keepers meaning they gain weight fast. Donkeys can colic just like horses so it is imperative you learn how to know when they are colicing. At least three small low sugar hay meals a day is imperative to optimum health.  Donkeys cannot stay out in green grass without getting too fat and getting sick.  Donkeys are special indeed.

What can you do if your donkey lays down and wont get up when your trying to train him/her to do something?   

This is a red flag a warning sign. Your donkey is overwhelmed. Check out DONKEY 101 VIDEO ON DEMAND.

Donkeys can take long vacations between training and working and never ever forget what they learned.  Donkeys pretend they don’t know how to do something with a human not asking correctly.  Donkeys are just so darn smart.

Remember donkeys are special and they need time to process new information, less is more in training a donkey.  Always end your training session on a positive experience something your donkey likes to do with you and something your donkey knows how to do. My donkeys love to be brushed, hugged, talked to and of course they love to go for walks and get a bite of brush.  Donkeys are special as they seem to be intuitive and understand us humans much more than we do ourselves.

If your donkey is laying down in his pasture or barn and can’t get up this can mean a serious sickness, please call the vet immediately.  

Donkeys work best with the human partner who trains them and feeds them.  Not a good idea to send them off to trainers best to take your donkey to a donkey trainer and learn what is needed or have the donkey trainer come to your farm and teach you how to teach the donkey.

Diet – Donkeys are easy keepers NO alfalfa hay ever, no sweet feed, low sugar hay.  Donkeys prefer clean fresh water and warm water when it’s freezing outside. Donkeys love to play with another donkey and they love to play tug with a construction cone. Donkeys are very special indeed.

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs



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