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GOD Has The Power We All Need And Cannot Afford To Loose

 I shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit  has come upon me and I shall be His witness to the ends (the very bounds) of the earth ACTS 1:8

 My progress:

Praise GOD one more miracle just for me and my family four and two legs!  I received the final test results from Harborview hospital, Seattle, WA my kidney is healed and working good.  My kidney had a grade five tear from the semi truck running into the little truck I was a passenger in last April.  After surfing the web I learned most people who have a grade five kidney tear have no choice but to remove the kidney I was blessed as the urology surgeon who worked on me in critical care made the decision “no doubt with GOD’s help” to leave my kidney.

I am very happy to report that I no longer have to go to Harborview and have radiation injected into my veins and have x-rays of my kidney to see if it is working correctly, no more stress of another surgery.  GOD has healed my kidney!  Results are outstanding my kidney is healing and I do not have to have any more surgeries!  Praise Jesus I am so grateful to GOD for this miracle of life and healing over my body and for my family, two and four legs.

We received another miracle as my step daughter and her boyfriend were riding an ATV together and fell off a mountain in Montana.  We had about two and half hours of not knowing if our daughter was going to die, be in a wheel chair for life and we had no idea about her boyfriend as they are not married and we could gather only limited information.  Scot and I immediately asked for prayer from our group of friends who believe in healing and Jesus Christ to place his hand over these young adults.

We began  to pray “Father GOD you have the power to take care of your children please let no serious harm come to our daughter and her boyfriend, please open the doors for the best doctors to be available and have wisdom for healing for each doctor that touches them.  After waiting and praying for a couple of hours we received our miracle as both were not wearing helmets and they are going to be just fine.  Our daughter had lost a few teeth and a fracture in her back. She was bruised and nothing broken truly a miracle.  Our future son-in-law had a broken femur they are both in their twenties so healing will be much faster than for me as I just turned fifty.  He was able to go home in less than a week and is walking using the walker “praise Jesus” our prayers were answered.

This reminds me of the verse in the bible whoever says to this mountain, be lifted up and thrown into the sea and does not doubt at all in his/her heart but believe what he/she says will take place; it will be done for him.  MARK 11:23.  I submitted my life to Jesus Christ when I had the spinal cord tumor, the tumor had three of my lumbers and the surgeon who only operated on brain tumors and spinal cord tumors had no idea what was on the MRI.  Both my husband and I feared I would be permanently in a wheel chair or worse that I had cancer and it could cut my life out completely.  The elder from our local church came and spoke words of moving a mountain, she said as she prayed over me that “When the surgeon opened my spinal cord the tumor would dissolve like a balloon and no cancer would be found.” When I woke up after surgery the surgeon said to me “I have been doing these surgeries for over twenty years I know what a blood tumor looks like, when I touched the tumor it dissolved like a balloon and he shook his head, he said this is a miracle”.  If the elderly lady who spoke faith into moving my mountain had not used these words fear would have been the only words I could hear in my head, I believe GOD sent her as my human angel to give me peace and faith before the surgery.  I share this story to help you, our mind and our tongue is very powerful what we think, say and write down is what we get out of life.  In fact I wrote this blog three weeks before I had the final kidney radiation test result.

Yes, sometimes prayers are not answered but GOD always gives his children double for our troubles when we stay in faith with him always.  I have had times in my life when I have spoken faith and not received my miracle I understand that we don’t always get what we ask for.   I know GOD walked with me and GOD gave me favor each step I took during the semi-truck striking the vehicle I was riding as a passenger last April.  The verse in MARK 11:23 NIV bible is talking about our personal mountains in life that we must climb and speak faith into and remember we are children of GOD almighty “the alpha omega, beginning and end.” Nothing Is Too Big For Our GOD.

My weeks are filled with praising GOD, telling everyone I meet how GOD gave me the miracles of life and healing.  Taking care of my body by attending acupuncture, doctor appointments, going to the gym twice a week, massage, physical therapy and believing GOD will give me double for my trouble as I am a child of GOD. I am not a victim, I am a victor this pruning I have received will produce great fruit for Jesus Christ and his kingdom.  I  share my life story of how GOD has given me beauty for ashes over and over again in my life.  Today I am fifty years old and I look forward to the next fifty years as GOD will give me wisdom to stay healthy and strong into my 100’s.  I visualize the day I can be strong enough to carry my saddle and swing it over my horse again and take a ride in my arena.  Remember any serious mountain (problem, stress, money, sickness, strife) GOD can remove the mountain and give us peace.

I am so grateful to GOD for all of my blessings and healings!  I am so excited to get well and I will get well again and ride my equine and I look forward to hearing from you when GOD gives you a miracle.  If you need help with prayer please send me a message I am honored to pray with you.

GOD bless you and your two legs and four legs family

2 Responses to “GOD Has The Power We All Need And Cannot Afford To Loose”

    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Dear Petra,

      Tears of joy! Yes I am so very grateful to GOD for his mercy and miracles and strength to keep me pushing forward, today when I fed my equine breakfast it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder as I know I will be getting back on their backs next spring. SMILE..

      Melody Johnson
      Donkey Whisperer Farm



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