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Positive Mind Set Is Essential To Success

My progress:

Continue working hard to regain my life before the semi truck accident in April of 2010; prayer, physical therapy, acupuncture, medication, healthy food, herbs, water, sleep, grateful attitude, anticipation of the future gifts coming my way and a detailed awareness of how precious life is.   Everything I physically do is affected and has become very difficult for me I push through the pain for my family (two and four legs) and I rest my body when it is exhausted. I remember “A Body In Motion Stays In Motion.” Pain is a mental challenge as it affects, moods, sleep, laughter, enjoyment and ability to have wisdom and confidence.  I pray every day that GOD will remove this pain and I believe soon he will.  Pain is really strong in my right hip, left hip, lower back, right side but I know GOD will heal me completely when the pain comes I cry,  blow my nose and thank GOD I am still here and that GOD let me keep my legs, and a sound mind as I had a head injury from the semi truck accident.  Going back to Harborview hospital last week for my last appointment of my kidney that had a grade V tear from the accident in April I saw a man with shorts on and a prosthetic leg walking along really good.  This brought tears to my cheeks as I know I  have no doubt this could have been me as we were traveling a total of one hundred miles and hour (both vehicles around 50 mph) when the semi struck the little seat I was sitting in.  GOD spared my legs, mind and provided so many miracles, thank you Jesus!

If you are reading this blog and you are in pain or you know someone suffering from pain do everything you can to take care of body, mind, spirit, soul and Pray for GOD, Jesus Christ to create, healing, peace, love, favor and blessings each day. Remember you are a victor not a victim, you are the head not the tail, you are created to loan and not borrow.   By your favor O Lord, you have established me as a strong mountain. Psalm 30:7

Fall is in the air leaves are falling gold, red-orange and a crisp cool breeze kisses my face each morning and evening as I feed and care for my equine I am so very grateful to have this experience.  The donkeys already have their Eskimo thick donkey fur coats and I can hardly see Rocket Man’s little eyes he is snug as a bug in a rug.  Lily is growing her coat too but being the horse she is much slower than her step brothers the Mammoth donkey and mini donkey.  Most of the birds have left, wild rabbits living on are farm are digging holes to survive the upcoming winter, chipmunks are nesting and all the plants are going for a long winter sleep. 

Our winter water bucket has a built-in water heater such a blessing as it plugs into the wall (make sure the equine can not reach the cord) to prevent them electrically shocking themselves, getting cool at night now.  Donkeys,  mules and  horses prefer clean scrubbed water please remember to clean your buckets every couple of days to prevent colic. 

Positive mind-set is essential to success, always have faith, what we say and think is what we usually get in life.  Be very careful with your thoughts and words and study positive verses never stop believing in GOD as he loves to provide miracles for his children. 

Get Help With Your Attitude and Change Your Life

100 Ways To Live A Better Life – Thank GOD For Everything You Get

Positive Thinking Plan

How To Get Organized

 Learn How To Get financial Peace

GOD bless you and your two legs and four legs family!



3 Responses to “Positive Mind Set Is Essential To Success”

  1. Petra Christensen

    Great links! I admire your positive attitude and continue to send healing thoughts your way, Melody!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central


  2. Donkey Whisperer Farm

    Dear Petra,

    Your words of kindness are really helpful as I want to share “authentically” my life experience and inspire and help others. Perhaps GOD will make an opportunity appear where I can meet you in the future when I heal and attend Parelli to become a certified Parelli Equine Specialist.

    Thank you for your support!



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