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Tips For Pain Management


I have learned that awareness is part of the healing process for any event and being honest within ourselves and all the people around us. I am officially a survivor of a semi truck accident and I suffer from severe episodes of pain daily I have not had one day pain-free since the accident on April 13, 2010. 

Pain is a serious problem and it affects all aspects of my life and millions of people every day. It is my prayer that by sharing some of my tips I can help another human suffering from pain. I pray in Jesus Christ precious name that my pain and navigation in  the medical world helps you or your loved one get out of pain and enjoy your life. 

I have learned that pain robs us of the person we were before the pain came and pain isolates us.  Pain creates less patience, less sleep, raw human emotions and pain hurts the living humans and animals closest to us our two and four leg family members as we can’t play everything is work.  Seems the most simplest of things I never thought about such as feeding, throwing the ball, driving, picking up manure, grocery shopping, making dinner, laundry and putting my equine out into the arena is very difficult and painful. 

Ideas To Help Manage Pain

1.  Pray to GOD in Jesus Christ precious name for a complete healing and a miracle of healing, restoration and health

2.  Pray that GOD will give you favor to find the human angels that can help you with your pain

3.  Go to physical therapy as they can help with pain and when you finish physical therapy keep going to the gym

4. Pray GOD will provide you with a GOD sent massage therapist as this is what GOD did for me

5. Find the right drug for pain that can help you get out of pain and still enjoy your life

6. Laughter is GODs medicine, find something funny every day and turn that frown upside down

7.  Friendship is extremely important as pain isolates humans try to stay connected to people

8.  Ensure you have a second opinion of your pain

9.  Stop and smell the roses in your life, be grateful for at least five things every single day

10. Try acupuncture

11.  Ask for help with your life as pain makes it difficult to navigate life with pain, I highly suggest you pray for a christian counselor or christian life coach.  If the counselor you interviews does not believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins keep looking

12.  Use a SAD light as it really does help with mood disorders – Northern Lights works http://www.alaskanorthernlights.com/

13.  Take your vitamins

14. Eat healthy food, drink lots of water

15.  Live life with a grateful attitude

16.  Pray for a GOD sent chiropractor

17. Start a blog and connect with other like-minded people and most importantly connect with people who are positive

18.  Keep living things around you flowers, fish, dog, cat, anything that you can help and see living things 

19.  Focus on your faith in Jesus Christ to heal you and remember all things are just a season in life your spring is coming

20.  Forgive everything immediately that has offended you

Perhaps you have some tips to help people suffering from pain, please leave your positive ideas to help others in the comment section.

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs



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