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Rio Our Mammoth Donkey Is 16 Hands Tall

Our farrier came this week and he pulled out his metal measuring stick guess what?  Rio is a hair over 16 hands tall!  Wow that is one big Mammoth donkey boy!   Donkeys are easy keepers and should always be on low sugar hay, prefer to keep them on a dry paddock with a few hours out in their wooded paddock due to hoof and health problems directly contributed to poor diet as most donkeys are easy keepers.

What can I do to help my donkey avoid abscesses? 

Remove poop and urine each and every day from the paddock. Pick the hoof at least a couple of times a week.

Keep feet trimmed at least every seven weeks, learn about the hoof wall and integrity.  We are having Rio’s feet trimmed every four weeks now as this is the high season for absesses and he is growing hooves faster now.  Not much to do when you trim every four weeks but keeping the hoof in optimum balance in high growing season for a chronic hoof abscess equine helps stop gravel and grit from getting into the Mammoth donkeys white line.

No Hoof No Horse, donkey or mule, tips to help

Rain – Make sure the water has somewhere to go other than in the paddock or shelter

Diet – Hay tested must come in lower than10% sugar. Never feed alfalfa to your donkey.

Our farrier measured wanted to know how tall Rio is and he measured him for me with a real metal foldable tape measure I actually have one in my horse trailer and have used this before.  Important consideration for most donkeys they are left brain (meaning thinking all the time) and introverted meaning they need to have new things walked away from them to ensure they will not die and then after a few minutes they usually want to play with the new thing utilizing their mouth as the mouth of the equine is the same as our the humans hands.  Not all donkeys are introverted. Just like people some donkeys are introverted only when scared and some donkeys are introverted all of the time.

Introverted equine need you to walk away from them with whatever they are afraid of to build their curiosity.  Rio had no problem with this measuring stick as he remembered what this is but if he had not been worked with it would have taken some time to place the stick on his withers.  Rio is truly the ambassador for the Mammoth donkey as he has the best personality and conformation Rio will be a super star when I heal from this semi truck accident.   Donkeys can do anything the horse can do if you take the time it takes to train them, first step is always taming.

Rio is officially 16 hands and he is almost five years old that is one big Mammoth donkey!   I have to laugh because when I tell people I am training my mammoth donkey for me and my husband to ride in the trails people think of the Clint Eastwood “Sister Sara” movie with the little gray donkey.  Rio is a Left brain Introvert in the donkey psychology of Parelli.


Donkeys are visual learners:

Rio needs to see what is happening at a safe distance and once he learns what the task is and he is safe and enjoyed learning he loves to show off on what he can do.   Rio is very smart he can open the barn door so please remember donkeys need extra locks, great safe fences as they are really smart.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


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