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They Have Hooves Not Feet – Diabetes humans vs Laminitis Equine


Select paddock paradise to learn how to build a dry paddock.


Warning these photos may be too graphic as they show what happens to the feet of the human who has severe diabetes.

Here is an article explaining why diabetes in the human can cause serious feet problems.  We must never forget that over feeding or too much sugar in the equine (horse, donkey and mule) creates the same problem.   The only difference is they have hooves not feet. 

If you cannot keep your obese equine off pasture try a grazing muzzle I personally know people who have successfully used this tool to save their horses life. Keeping our equine on a healthy diet, low sugar hay, micro managing their weight to stop them from becoming obese is essential to optimum health and in many cases it is the difference between life and death of the equine.

Exercise, low sugar hay (test hay for sugar), salt lick, pick up poop try composting it beautiful for the garden and the most important ingredient is clean fresh water.

Over feeding our beloved equine is abuse just like under feeding.  Founder, laminitis, abscesses can appear after the equine has eaten too much grass or grain and in some cases abscesses can just happen. Learn the body score of your donkey, horse and mule your vet can help you.  Please ensure your equine is at his optimum body weight, laminitis is preventable as our domesticated equine (donkeys, horses and mules) depend on their human partner to keep them at the healthy weight, with play and exercise.

All the equine on the Donkey Whisperer Farm are on strict low sugar diets.  I am seriously micro managing Rio and Rocket Man’s weight loss and yet I am working harder and harder to keep them fit.  Since the car accident the donkeys are putting on weight and they are not on a pasture they are on a dry paddock with a few hours of brush eating a week.  Why?  Lack of exercise before the accident we went for hikes as Rio was too young to ride, Rocket Man came along on the circinlgle. These things happen and just like a human they have had more days of eating and less exercise as too many calories creates excess weight.  Ownership of equine is a huge responsibility one that takes dedication, creativity and a continuous awareness of how to do things better never settle always try to do a better for yourself and your equine is my motto.

Why?  Laminitis is a slow death and insanely painful as their hooves literally rot off, think of how a finger nail feels when it is ripped and bleeds, painful.

Please remember at least 3 small meals a day is the best way to keep our beloved equine healthy and happy never cut too many calories out at once as this is abuse too. All kinds of health issues can spiral out of control from this approach including colic and psychological behavior traits.

I hope I have inspired you and given you some ideas on how best to keep your beloved donkey, horse or mule in optimum health and at a healthy weight for 2012.  Comments and suggestions help others so please keep them coming.

Consider taking a look at National Natural hoof care specialist Pete Ramey for advice on natural trimming, diet and exercise to keep our equine in optimum health.

GOD bless you and your family two and four legged!



2 Responses to “They Have Hooves Not Feet – Diabetes humans vs Laminitis Equine”

  1. chrllrobb.blog

    Yours is the second article talking about the book Paddock Paradise. I may try this. I have a big foundered mare and a mini who has foundered. They love to go out, but since they can’t they have access to a big bale of hay. I have often thought of a grazing muzzle, but have never gotten one. That and the paddock idea would be a great solution since they are getting fat. Thank you.



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