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Animals Make Everything Better


As I sit at my computer writing my three dogs and two cats are all laying next to me.  My  female dog Jewel is the oldest dog in our pack of three Jewel is laying under my feet to provide the foot stool I need to type and be next to me.  Our big dog Sampson is laying right next to me and the little Carin terrier beside him.  My two female cats I adopted from a local shelter four years ago are sleeping in their kitty beds just inches away they are both manx mix a little bob tail like a bunny rabbit. 

My husband often jokes that I am Dr. Doolittle as each time I get up to move from room to room all the animals follow me, “I guess they know who the momma is.”  Since I was a child I have loved animals actually wanted to become a vet as a kid but life came in between me and my dreams. 


Animals are healing no doubt they help us humans feel connected when life has left us traumatized and burned out.  People can let people down but animals are loyal to the end they just know how good they have it when they get a great human to love them.

The last photo of me riding my horse Lily training Rio our Mammoth donkey 2010 – God willing I will ride again one day for now I have the memories and for this I am grateful 🙂

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


7 Responses to “Animals Make Everything Better”

  1. erranttranscendentalist

    Beautiful family of animal friends!! I want to hug them all!! Animals give such pure love…to anyone who has felt it, there is nothing like it. Hugs to your furry ones!


  2. Star Wise

    Wow, what an inspiration your story and thoughts are, Melody. I love animals and was surrounded by them in the suburbs. Our cat Shandy is special. He smiles at me and arrived New Year’s Eve 2000 to keep our human household together. Shandy also gives healing energy when either my partner or me are sick!! Have a great day.


  3. Regina (Gina) Arnold

    All of us pet lovers are so blessed to have found your blog. I plan to enjoy reading your posts for some time to come. And I’ve always wanted to adopt a donkey, so maybe someday …


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm


      Sweet words thank you. Please remember to adopt two donkeys as donkeys are unique and special they need another donkey to grab the neck and play, they love to play tug with a food bowl or a orange traffic cone. Donkeys are really special. Enjoyed your blog today 🙂



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