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Pets Age Just Like We Do


Pain is a serious problem for people and animals as they age believe me I understand pain management strategies. If your aging pet is starting to limp please remember to check with your vet to find pain relief our animals cannot say “hey I hurt” they depend on their human to pay attention and help them.  Knowledge is power and sharing information can help a hurting pet to live life in the senior years with comfort just like we all want to be treated when we age and hurt.  

The photo above is of our beloved lab “Steelee man”, and my female dog Jewel as a pup, Steelee man is in heaven eating a good doggie beef bone.  Steelee man was a pure lab who loved to eat, chase the stick and be loved on, he is deeply missed. 

Blogging on WordPress is a wonderful way to keep a journal of our beloved photos as we don’t have to worry about them getting wet, wrinkled or torn they are always ready to pull up and feel the precious memory one more time.

Here is a really excellent blog from my favorite Australian vet Dr. Rayya explaining in detail how our pets age just like people.  Enjoy!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


4 Responses to “Pets Age Just Like We Do”

  1. Nynia Chance

    What beautiful dogs! They look like they were wonderful companions. ❤


  2. granbee

    I know what you mean about animals aging just like people. Yet, they love us so fully through their very last breath!



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