"Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained" Melody Johnson

Please Say NO To Donkey Roping


Donkeys should never ever be roped they can be killed, permanently injured and have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms that can never be repaired.  Donkeys are highly intelligent and freeze when scared this is abuse. Select Team Roping article to read more. Select Sign The petition To Stop Donkey World Championship Team Roping, in Texas on June 23rd, and June 24th, 2012.

Photo: This is the face of donkey roping....sickening. Please help us outlaw this practice....

Read about what happens to donkeys who have been abused;

At our rescue, we have donkeys who have been used for roping. The sadness that we see in their eyes is heartbreaking. Not only do they stretch them and drop them to the ground, frequently they strap a horn hat on their heads which is even more abusive. They are used over and over again, and the damage is irreversible. Ours suffer from bent legs, broken ear cartilage and distrusting personalities. There is absolutely no redeeming aspect of this horror show. Worse, this brutal behavior will be on display for children to see. They will hear adults cheer as animals are tormented and abused. How is this a good thing? I would much rather see Van Horn TX indulge the audience with its rich history. This was part of a great mail run during the 1800’s which ran from San Antonio TX to San Diego CA. How about celebrating the long ears who developed the west? Take a look at Bishop Mule Days. This event brings in millions of dollars of revenue, and celebrates long ears without harming them. An event like this would be far more admirable, and seen in a much better light by the public.
Here is my letter
Dear Ms. Simpson,I am writing to you in regards to the “World Championship Donkey Team Roping Event to be held on June 23, and June 24th, in Texas 2012.I study equine behavioral science extensively under the Parelli home study program. I have owned a Mammoth donkey and mini donkey along with my horse for five years now and I would like to share with you how sensitive and smart the donkey is. Are you aware that donkeys are indeed smart, sensitive and a lovey equine? Are… you aware the donkey never forgets anything and is very intelligent? Donkeys that are not abused are more like a black lab than a horse, they love their butt rubbed, hugs, kisses and kind words. Placing donkeys in this environment is abuse there is no other word for this than abuse this is not entertainment, this is abuse.Please consider the cry of these magnificent and highly social and intelligent donkeys to not abuse them for money. Donkeys are much different from the horse in the respect that when under deep stress they freeze and do not move. Cows will run out the shoot but donkeys freeze thus the need to use the cow shocker on them.These traumatized donkeys can have fatal consequences for a few minutes of Cowboy fun and if they survive they will more than likely have permanent Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and not be able to fit into the human social world ever again.Seems to me the Texas donkey has already endured so very much with drought, hay prices so darn high and fires please don’t do this to these sweet intelligent donkeys. A solution would be to get some cows for the roping event, I don’t particularly enjoy watching roping of cows but I am trying to find a solution to end this abuse before it begins on June 23rd, in Texas, United States Of America.

I am respectfully asking that you stop this event and do not use donkeys for this rodeo as Donkeys are not cows.

Melody Johnson

 Thank you for sharing this information and standing up for donkeys being abused in your area.




13 Responses to “Please Say NO To Donkey Roping”

  1. granbee

    I do not even like to rope horses, only cattle! Bless you for this strong message about the harm incurred by donkeys that are roped!


  2. Empowered Results

    Reblogged this on EMPOWERED RESULTS ~ Creating A Difference In Our Communities… and commented:
    I found this blog via a comment posted from another on I visited today (Tenerife: Parque Nacional del Teide. by Roselinde).
    When I first saw the title, ‘Donkey Whisperer Farm’ I smiled. I love the inspiration on their website http://www.donkeywhispererfarm.com. Please read and support their cause by signing the petition and passing it to all your Readers, Facebook Peeps, family, friends & anyone else you can share it! Right now, here is the total of signers and what they need to get this done before the next rodeo on June 23 & 24. I will be posting the other part of this post with the link to the petition which will be located directly under the last photo. Or you can just go to http://www.change.org/petitions/van-horn-texas-chamber-of-commerce-donkey-roping-must-be-stopped
    We can make a difference!


  3. Robyn Stowe

    I agree this is an outrageous shame… but how is roping cows any better? I disagree with the suggestion to rope cows instead… still says animals don’t have feelings, which they do…


  4. chopnchat

    Horrid, Brutal. Yet another example of the supposed human superiority over gentle sentient beings. Absolutely heartbreaking. “I am my brother’s keeper…” Praise to you for the attention you bring and the advocates and friends you gather for those thinking,feeling beings.



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