Psst Did You Hear The News? WordPress Does Not Play With Internet Explorer Anymore


For the past couple of weeks I have been having a problem trying to use the reader (tags) in WordPress ahh computer software makes the brain keep on spinning.

I sent a question to WordPress technical support.  Received an alert today that fixed the problem; Must use Google Chrome as the browser not Internet Explorer.  

Share the news so we can all keep reading our most favorite topics and blogs. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Psst Did You Hear The News? WordPress Does Not Play With Internet Explorer Anymore

  1. Really? I use Google Chrome and have been having problems getting the pages to load or to save posts for the last six months. It is very annoying! Kind of limiting for them to just use one browser isn’t it?


      • I gave up on the reader and just get the emails. Sometimes it gets a bit much, but I get tired of trying to read and have it stop loading all the time and don’t get to half of them. The trouble that I have with wordpress is getting the pages to load. The connection closes about 80% of the time, it takes three or four tries most of the time just to post a comment, read a post, or even save and post one of my own posts. It gets very tiresome.


  2. I guess the reason I have no problem access the wordpress blogs I follow in IE is because I have never quite trusted the “reader” and the “feed” method of subscribing and have always relied on email notifications of each new post. Still working great for me.


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