"Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained" Melody Johnson

Donkey Basketball – Fun or Abuse?


Thank you for reading my blog as it is my desire to help you become educated in understanding donkeys, horses and mules; education creates awareness and this new awareness may spark a fire in your soul with a direct result of a change for our world’s animals.  Will you become a voice for a donkey living in your home town “a human angel” making a difference?   

Did you know all my equine have been trained with resistance free training?

Yes, our horse, mammoth donkey and mini donkey have been trained utilizing resistance free tools.  No bit, no spurs all resistance free! Lot’s of video in Youtube for inspiration. Please note I am a student of Parelli I am not authorized to teach Parelli due to a car accident I am healing.

Select Video School Fun Donkey Basketball to view and make your own decision. What do you think?

Did you learn something new today?   Please do your part to help teach the youngsters of our world how to respect animals.  

A few More videos with comments:

Donkey Basketball – “I think it sends a really bad message to children on how to raise them and cruelty to animals and to all beings, and what does that teach our children?” said protester Carol Guilbault.

What can you do to help stop this abuse?  Select Donkey Basketball video for more information.  Share your opinion on your social networking sites, say NO to school fund raisers abusing Donkeys!


Thank you for being a human angel doing your part to help stop abuse of donkeys, horses and mules.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




9 Responses to “Donkey Basketball – Fun or Abuse?”

  1. Animalcouriers

    Well, we know what we think anyone who cares about animals would think. Adults aren’t even allowed to ride on donkeys in many parts of Europe let alone drag them by their necks and mouths. Shame on this organisation.


  2. kellysw

    Dear friends,

    As a donkey lover, animal advocate and “humane” being this is absolutely unkind and inhumane. It is difficult for us human beings to understand that donkeys, or any animal, have an unalienable right to freedom, liberty, justice and respect. No animal, without exception, is born into this world as an object of utility for human use. Many times in the equine world you hear the term used, “my horse, donkey or mule needs a job!” What is often being said is, “my donkey needs to do something for me to earn his keep!”. Donkeys are physically and psychologically created to roam expansive desert landscapes, forage, browse, interact, build social relationships and most of all, BE donkeys and perpetuate the essence of donkeyness! They were not created to serve or entertain or amuse human beings! Now, with that said, that does not mean donkeys don’t enjoy having something to do with their human companion that is joyous, respectful and fun. In hand trail can be a blast for donkeys, as can a nice, calm, beautiful trail ride. But, donkey basketball is pushing the limit and is entering into inhumane and unjust entertainment. There is too much noice, frantic energy, pulling, kicking, yelling and disregard for the natural movement of the donkey. I personally doubt anyone has connected with their donkey or even understand them. When you ask your donkey to do something, think as a donkey, not as a human. Melody is a tremendous example of one who respects donkeys and their way of being. She designs games, challenges and training into positive, quiet, reflective and compassionate sessions. She never asks her donkeys to entertain her or do some form of labor that imposes are their natural autonomy. I love her way!



  3. chopnchat

    I do not like this or ANYTHING that uses animals for human entertainment at the expense of that creature. This includes rodeos and circuses. If people only knew what happens behind closed doors. Thank you for advocating for the thinking, feeling creatures.



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