"Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained" Melody Johnson

Donkey Hooves Inside and Out, Pete Ramey – A Must Have For All Donkey and Mule Owners


The Donkey Whisperer Farm is a hobby farm we are not a business.  We share free information to help you help your equine (donkey, horse and mule), live in optimum health emotionally, mentally and physically. Enjoy your equine as they are truly gifts from GOD in precious Jesus Christ name.

Do you own a donkey or mule?

Please take a look at Pete Ramey’s new DVD explaining the diet, and how to trim the donkey hoof.  The donkey hoof should never have a long toe and the heels must be kept down so they can land heel first it’s a little tricky as donkeys have “you guessed it Donkey hooves” 🙂 Not horse hooves.

Did you know?

Farriers are not working on donkeys in farrier school, they are working on horses.  Many farriers have never ever seen a donkey’s hoof until you the owner call them.

Copied from the link above:

“Well, I’ve been promising donkey owners I would do this for way-too-many years. Sorry for the wait, but here it is! To the best of our ability, Ivy and I have put together a comprehensive donkey hoof care course designed for owners, farriers and veterinarians.  To my delight, I learned a lot along the way, myself: chasing wild burros and dissecting donkey hooves taught me things I never knew—and you all know how much I love to learn! 

It is truly a shame how little information there is out there dedicated to the care of donkeys—particularly their hooves.  They are too unique to be lumped together with horses as a footnote. I hope that some of the differences revealed in this DVD set will inspire new research on donkeys as individuals. And more than anything, I hope this will improve the lives and care of donkeys worldwide.”    Pete Ramey

If you own donkeys please take a look at his free photos copied from the link above.  Please burn these images into your mind as your donkey is depending on you to make sure their hooves are trimmed correctly.  A small investment for you and your farrier to learn how to trim the donkey.  NOT enough information for our precious and exotic donkeys.  Please share this information to help a donkey living in your community have a better life.  

Before The Corrective Trim


Before The Trim

After the Trim

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





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