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Is It True – Mules usually only let one person ride them?

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Question from Pam – Is it True Mules Usually Only Let One Person Ride Them?

I have heard this several times and my mule seems to be better when I ride him but he is my first so I’m not sure.

My answer:

Each Donkey, Horse and mule is unique. Mules are 1/2 donkey 1/2 horse they can have more attributes from the horse or the donkey or swing in and out depending on the human, stress, environment changes huge circumstances can change everything for the equine. What do you mean only let one person ride?  What does the mule do when another person rides?  Need a bit more details to try to help you understand the mind of your mule.

Pam and Jethro her mule

Photo: Here is Jethro, one of the loves of my life.

Remember The best mules are used for tour rides in the Grand Canyon as they are smart and sure-footed 🙂

The Donkey, horse and mule will test the rider and follow our emotions if we are nervous guess what they are nervous the equine is the mirror of the human owner 🙂 The mule can have more attributes coming out of the donkey and or the horse depending on the environment and what is being asked. This I know for sure the donkey, horse and mule learns best from the human who they respect and have a relationship with if the donkey has any fear whatsoever from the new environment or the human ‘”introversion can step out and this does not mean they are stubborn just nervous or scared.”  The donkey can pretend to not remember how to do things with a human not respected, or a human pushing too hard, inflicting pain and suffering.

I am a Parelli home student and love the fact that they do not focus on the breed horse, mule or donkey they focus on the personality and teaching the human how to read the equine in order to teach them what they wish them to do. Parelli teaches us humans how to teach the equine (horse, donkey, mule) based on their unique personalities at home and at new places as just like us people animals have default personalities and when stressed another personality. The friendly game and taming is the first step to training horses, donkeys and mules. Our Mammoth donkey Rio has been trained in Parelli by me. When my husband asks him to do a few of the 7 games sometimes Rio will pause and act like he does not know what to do. My husband understands the 7 games and can patiently get Rio our Mammoth donkey to get back on track. We must remember the human needs to understand how to ask the equine to do things, a rider that has no idea how to ask the equine to do things can confuse the horses, mule or donkey or cause fear meaning; introversion not moving feet and extraversion moving the feet. I am interested to understand what you mule is doing when another human attempts to ride him/her. Is he naughty, (moving his feet when not asked) or introverted (meaning not moving his feet)? Do you understand the mules personality? What is your mules name. Love to see a photo. Do you have more than one equine? I may have some ideas to help you along with this little obstacle.

Pam’s Response

He is really calm with me but when someone else tries to ride he gets irritated and nervous.  Enough that I usually have the person get off and say “he is just a one lady type Mule”.  This may totally by more my problem than his. I’m kind of seeing that as I type this.  I get really nervous when someone else rides him. OK this is my problem. LOL 13 hours ago·    I have only had two people try to ride him and both times he was just “nervous”. Pulling his head up and his body language changed. Both times I was holding him. I have had several people Mules were known for this so maybe I just expected it so it happened. I love the Parelli method you are talking about. Are their tapes available?

My Answer

Parelli has a 30 day free program.  Look for the 7 games and the horseanlities stuff.  I am a student and can not teach but I love to share information. Go to WWW.Parelli.com to see the 30 days free and look me up and say Hello.

Learn the 7 games and learn what his personality is to help him. Sounds to me like you love him and you are extremely worried for him. Good for you! I do not let anyone ride my horse she is my horse and when she has held another rider I was with her as it was to learn basic dressage something I have no experience with. If you truly want him to be able to carry other humans you can do it. The humans need to learn how to help him along when he is nervous sounds like he has more left brain extrovert horse attributes in his personality than the donkeys introvert personality. I can not tell you from this e-mail. This I do know if you do not want him to carry other humans he will not do it. If you want him to carry another human he can learn to do it. Your training, energy and plan is all he needs to be setup for success. Send me a photo of your mule would love to see him.

If you go to Parelli for the 30 days free look me up I am on Parelli connect 🙂  One more idea – Have you tried the Dr. Cooks bittless bridle or the Parelli rope halter for walking next to him and letting him carry a rider?  Our Mammoth donkey has been trained to ride with no bit using the rope halter and the bittless bridle they work for mules, donkeys and horses.  Sometimes new riders get scared and pull on the reins pulling on the mouth so best to remove the bit.  I am excited to see what you do with all this new information.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





News Wolves

Howling For Justice

Nine more wolves were reported slain since YESTERDAY, October 23.  

Wake up America!! 

Innocent wolves are dying torturous deaths. Pups, mothers, fathers, wolf families destroyed! 

This image was sent to a wolf advocate on Christmas Eve 2009 with the message: MERRY CRISTMAS!!

Get Active! Organize! This will continue until we join together to stop it!

 Howl Across America!!!

IDAHO – 65





142 Wolves Wiped Out in 55 Days


Video: YouTube: En compagnie des loups – Pour tous les Loups.wmv

Photo: Sent to Wolf Advocate 2009

Posted in: Wolf Wars

Tags:  wolf slaughter, wolf hunts, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Wisconsin, GET ACTIVE!!

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The Trauma Is Gone – Now What?

What happens after trauma settles and things calm down?

We try to keep our life the way it was before the trauma hit as well this is much more comfortable for most of us humans than trying something new.  All the while GOD is giving us a little nudge to be brave and step into our new life; the key is being flexible sometimes letting go of our homes, career, dreams and education to pursue a completely new life, a life GOD has created just for us full of dreams, presents and surprises way beyond our human brains ability.  GOD is able to do miracles, healing, create new jobs, save a marriage, heal a family.   Just like nature has seasons I believe life has seasons nothing stays the same.  I have learned to Trust GOD for all seasons of life as GOD is the great I am, the beginning and the end he knows what is best for his children.

We must remember to not stay in the past look at what GOD makes new every day, remember GOD placed our eyes facing ahead not behind us.  Hang on to the great memories and live in the moment, stay grateful, have a good attitude and never ever fall into the trap that this is it GOD can do no more.

Today may be your day, keep trusting GOD to help you and your family as he Loves you.

Prayer For Help

I leave my troubles with the Lord, and He will defend me, He never let’s honest people be defeated. PSLAM 55-22 (GNT)

The Lord my God holds my right hand, he is the Lord, who says Fear Not I Will Help You!  ISAIAH 41:13 (GNT)

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





Thinking About Poop

Thinking about poop when owning a horse, donkey or mule is a full-time job.  Is the poop firm enough, too firm, or not enough poop?  Poop in the equine world is a big deal 🙂  When I was down from the semi truck accident I was constantly asking my husband How Does The Poop Look?  My poor husband was like “It’s poop Melody, lot’s of poop!  Thank GOD he has learned the importance of learning what each of our equine’s poop should look like or not look like. 🙂  Donkeys are very efficient with their food so if you are new to Donkeys you may be surprised how hard the poop of a donkey is.  On the positive side not much smell from a donkeys poop compared to my horses poop.  Donkeys use every single calorie and save it for a rainy day.

Natural equine ownership is the safest way for us horse, donkey and mule owners to care for our domesticated equine.   Here on the Donkey Whisperer Farm our equine poop is picked up twice a day and added to the compost pile, water buckets are cleaned and fresh water is added every other day.   All of our equine are fed out of a plastic slow feeder to prevent colic. Select Plastic Slow Feeder with the hay pillow attached inside.  You can make your own out of wood but donkeys are wood eaters.

Fecal Sampling

I started fecal sampling a few years ago as Over Worming can make our equine worms resistant to wormers just like antibiotics for people.  In addition when we over worm our equine we are destroying the immune system of our beloved equine.  Each farm needs to have a plan to keep the equine as healthy as possible so read, read, read to stay updated on equine ownership. Select Fecal Testing Journal.

Collecting a poop sample is easy; get a plastic zip lock bag, write the name and date, go to the barn pick up two fresh poop balls and place them in the bag.   Make sure to get the fresh poop sample to your vet right away.   When my vet comes to the farm I have three little zip lock bags waiting for him, please remember to ask your vet about hot and cold weather considerations of fecal samples as I am not a vet only sharing what we do to keep our equine healthy.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





Got A Donkey, Horse or Mule?


I was thinking it would be great fun to see what your equine look like?

I will make a post all about you and your farm equine, send me photo’s, and if you have a video this would be super fun along with a brief description of your farm to Melody@donkeywhisperer.com by December 25th, 2012.  Please add your Donkey, horse or mule’s names, ages, breed and a little story about how each equine came into your life, I will do the rest of the work.

On January 1st, 2013 I will be creating a post all about you and your farm equine this is going to be fun to see all the equine living around the world.  Share with us we look forward to seeing all the babies (equine) around the world 🙂

Where can I send my farm info?

Please e-mail me at Melody@donkeywhisperer.com

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





Americas Horses, Donkeys and Mules

Here is the link to take action tell Congress NO MORE, you can be a human angel.  You can make a difference!

What Can You Do To Help?

Please re-blog this post on your blog, ask people to sign congressional bill it’s been sitting in congress too long.  Please select track this bill in congress to see for yourself what is happening with this bill.  Please read and stay informed as the animals need your support.  

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



43 Things – The World’s Largest Goal Setting Community

Changing your life is hard.

Doing it by yourself is harder.

Join over 3 million people who list their goals, share their progress, and cheer each other on.

Select 43 things to try – Enjoy!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!






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