Just Dolphins


Another dream of mine is to see the dolphins in real life in the wild.  I have been blessed to go out on a few whale watching trips in the Pacific Northwest wonderful memories but I have never seen dolphins. The Pacific Northwest is too cold for the dolphins so GOD willing one day I will be able to travel to their wild life refugee spot.  Our world is so big, so many things to do and see we must never give up and remember each day is indeed a blessing from GOD.

Re-blogged – Select Serenity Spell Blog  – Enjoy!

A prayer for you:

I’m sticking with GOD.  I say it over and over again – He’s all I’ve got left.  He proves to be good to me and to all who passionately wait and dilligently seek him. It’s a good thing to quietly hope for help from GOD.  LAMENTATIONS 3:24-26 – Found in the Secret Power Of Speaking GOD’s Word – Joyce Meyer under Hope Section.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





5 thoughts on “Just Dolphins

    • Wow good for you how fun is this. You will have much to write about and share with all your readers. GOD is amazing he is working on my body it just seems to be taking a very long time to get well, still I am grateful for everything.


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