Our Three Blonde Dogs

Jewel as a puppy she was a rescue from down the road she is the middle weight dog and she is nine years old already.  Jewel was an extreme athlete before my motor vehicle accident, interesting fact when I could no longer walk and had a horrific limp she limped and could not walk.  Perhaps something to read on one day how dogs mimic us, feel our pain and suffering.  Life is indeed short, fragile and precious for our doggies as well seven years are added to our one for the dog.  She gets arthritis now and moves slower, hip aches and can’t take the cold just like me.

Sampson as a pup he is just turned five years old, he is the protector of our home and little farm he is indeed a good dog. We rescued Sampson from Petfinders he is a wonderful healthy doggie.

Buddy our Carin Terrier he is seven years old now, my how time keeps flying on by.  Buddy started having seizer last summer we do our best to keep him calm and relaxed along with medication to help stop the seizure it is really painful to watch our animals get sick.  He is the smallest but the most vocal of all three as he is low to the ground and can hear things much faster than the other two dogs.  Buddy was a friend of ours dog and when the grand kids were allergic to him as a puppy we took him into our home.  Buddy and Sampson still play tug and wrestle almost every morning.

Our three blonde dogs live inside the house with us they sleep at the foot of our bed, even when my husband was at the hospital with me for 18 hour days the dogs did nothing wrong in the house.  Our three blonde doggies are little angels and they truly love their life and we love having them in ours.

Our three blonde dogs are truly a gift from GOD they bring so much joy to us and ask so very little in return.  Animals are gifts from GOD they are four-legged angels.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





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