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Donkeys Living In The Pacific Northwest – Rain, Sores and Self Mutilation



Last spring after record amounts of rain in the Pacific Northwest our little mini donkey “Rocket Man” came up with a huge open sore on his little donkey boy face.  “Our equine are talked to and touched visually checked at least once a day” the big sore on his face came on fast within twelve hours.   It was a huge sore and left me perplexed but luckily the home remedy was an easy fix just took some doctoring for about a week and then his donkey fur started growing again.  Please make sure to check your horse, donkey or mule at least once a day to keep them in optimum health.

Donkeys seem to have more of a problem with this I think due to their ability to grow enough fur to live in Alaska during the winter

I have seen these open sores on the bottom of a friends horses hocks from standing in the mud and rain I suggest trying not to pick off the scabs and keep as clean and sterile as possible.   My horse Miss Lily happens to spend most of her time in the barn during the rain as well she does not like the rain.  All equine need to have the opportunity to get out of the weather and seek shelter from rain, snow, wind and relentless sunshine something we don’t get much in the Pacific Northwest, Washington.

What Can I Do To Treat Rain Rot/Scald for my horse, donkey or mule?

Shave the sore spot to see what is happening under the open sores

Use Cotton balls drenched in Betadine scrub dab and clean the sore spot

Top off the clean sores with cortisone cream to help stop the itching

If the open sores do not heal consult your vet as your sweet horse, donkey or mule may need an antibiotic .

Please remember it is most important to check your equine morning and night from head to toe looking for outchies, and making sure they are walking good and feeling good.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





4 Responses to “Donkeys Living In The Pacific Northwest – Rain, Sores and Self Mutilation”

  1. Corry Winters

    I have a severe problem with my girls: fungus and abcesses. PNW weather makes it sooooo hard! My ferrier suggested Oil Of Oregano. It is also useful on all people and animals for wound care! Has worked on my little granddaughter’s MRSA! Give orally to prevent and topically to heal.


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Hi Corry,

      Do you have a place for your donkeys to get out of the mud? Do you have good drainage for the water to go away from the paddock? Mud will breed fungus, abscesses, rotting hooves. Diet is also a huge problem for donkeys, horses and mules and can be directly related to abscesses. Trimming at least every 7 weeks and trimming correctly, low heel, pushed back toes help prevent abscesses too.

      The hooves need to be picked out each and every day. I keep a spray bottle diluted with water and bediodine after picking out I spray the hoof with this a few times a week. Additionall thrush buster (puprle) works to stop thrush. Most important part is to keep the hooves picked out each and every day.

      I have no experience with oil oregano this for the donkey. This I do know donkeys are very sensitive to foods and medications. I put 3/4 gravel down between the two barns where they walk the most to prevent mud in the most rainiest times of the year western Washington.

      Have you tried controlling the diet with 100% low sugar hay? Not letting them eat brush and green grass? Remove all sweet feed and keep fresh water in place along with morton loose salt and a white salt block in a dry place such as the barn where they go to get out of the weather.

      My horse, mammoth donkey, mini donkey all live in the same environment. My mini donkey and horse have never ever had abscesses. Sadly the Mammoth donkey suffers from Abscesses I have had no problems for over a year due to diet change and shoes on his front feet. Not all donkeys require shoes, good drainage, no mud, picking feet, low sugar hay can change the hoof wall integrity in my experience.

      Do you have mini donkeys, standards or Mammoths?



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