Judge Rules On BLM Helicopter Roundup – Equine Do NOT have a higher status than cattle on puplic lands

A mother burrow (donkey) and her baby caught up in the BLM round-up.  Select Tuesdays Horse Blog to read more.


A message from Rocket Man 

A new movie is being released select Saving Americas’s Horses (donkeys, mules)

Will you take a moment to watch the trailer? 

Will you share with your friends via your social networking community? 

Please select Wild Horses Preservation please read and get educated.

  1. Two years long – Judge rules on BLM Helicopter roundup.  The judge also pointed out that the law “does not give horses higher status than cattle on public lands” and that the horses are but one of “multiple species and many users sharing a common environment.”
    GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

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