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Three Donkey Farm Stories

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm

As promised here are the results of people I have met via my blog living on farms with Donkeys, I look forward to meeting more donkeys and more farms in 2013 – Enjoy!

Daisy Me FB 004

“Rescue in Poverty Gulch” written by Nancy Oswald

Nancy Oswald

“Rescue in Poverty Gulch” 2012 Colorado Book Award Finalist, 2012 Evvy Winner and 2012 Spur Finalist

A little summary about our donkey, Daisy, and our ranch follows.  I’ve also attached some photos.  The clip below is mostly about Daisy, but if you would like to know more about the ranch, itself, I can send more info.  We are in the process of updating our Ranch Web page or I could send you directly there. (Should be up in a couple of weeks.)  I hope you enjoy the photos.  Daisy is a delightful “girl”  about 4 years old, now and losing some of the extra fluff from her baby pictures.

Daisy Me FB 006

We live on the north end of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colorado.

Our main business is raising grass finished beef, but we also have a small group of meat goats which are the leftovers from a larger herd we used to have for weed and brush management. Our donkey, Daisy, came to our ranch in the fall of 2011 because both of her companion goats had been killed by mountain lions.  The game and wildlife people tried to trap the mountain lion but without any luck.  In the meantime, Daisy, could not be consoled.  She “cried” continuously and the previous owners decided she needed a new home.  (One of the pictures I have attached is of Owen Searles and Daisy when she was just a few months old.)  The Searles family knew that I wanted a donkey because I had been reading and researching about them for a fictional book I wrote about a girl and her donkey in Cripple Creek, Colorado in 1896.  I guess you can say I fell in love with donkeys just by reading about them.

Daisy's first day out 001

We’d tried adopting donkeys, first, but the two donkeys we had were afraid of our livestock and we could not catch them when they were out in our pastures.  We would have kept them and tried to work with them, but a wildfire and severe drought prevented us from doing this.  Daisy, on the other hand, adjusted easily to life on the ranch.   In fact, she prefers the company of cattle to that of our two horses.  She has a favorite bull she likes to hang out with and shows signs of distress when she has to be separated from him.  Oddly, she does not like to be around our few remaining goats even though she has had many opportunities to mingle with them.  She tolerates our dogs, but only at a distance, and likes humans… especially if they have carrots or other treats for her.

Daisy is now famous on Facebook as I use her photo for the Maude Oliver, fictional character page.  She  (and Maude) also have a blog on my web page.

Daisy baby 2


Kathy living in Texas with Five Donkeys

I don’t know a lot about my donkeys, I do know the three minis are Sicilian donkeys from registered parents.  The two regular size donkeys are of the same type I think, because they both have the black cross on their backs. The two regular size donkeys are a mother and her year-old son and the three minis are all males.  They are stair steps in size with the largest being 4 years, the middle one 2 and the small one 1.  The mother is named Winnie and her son is Finn, I haven’t yet named the three minis.

I am waiting on the perfect names to come along.  Perhaps your readers have some suggestions?

putting horse trough in 11-3-2012 053

The two largest minis are the noise makers, they are all very friendly.  One day I found myself wanting a couple of miniature donkeys I was surprised to find out so many donkeys need homes;  I had 9 regular donkeys offered to me for free.  Naturally I decided to take a mother and son from a friend of my brother as I was told how overly friendly these two were and it felt good to keep moma and baby together.  My dad and my brother delivered them to me in April of 2012, I instantly fell in love.  They were so loving and friendly but still I thought oh how nice it would be to have one mini.

putting horse trough in 11-3-2012 047

It wasn’t long before I heard about a man wanting to give away two of his three minis! I called him and wound up bringing all three home with me, I have since turned down another regular male. I live on thirty acres in Texas as you are most aware Texas seems to have too many donkeys needing homes.

putting horse trough in 11-3-2012 084

I keep my donkeys on seven to eight acres and plan to rotate them eventually. I try to read everything I can on donkeys as I want them to be as healthy as possible.

Thanks, Kathy in Texas

A note from Melody “Check out Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue for more information on the health and care of donkeys.”

 Teresa S. Caudle owner of C & Dream Donkeys in Oneonta, AL.

black and white mini

My web site is   Our  farm is located on twenty six acres in Blount County, AL. which is about 30 minutes east of Birmingham.  I have been breeding, raising, showing and selling my registered Mediterranean Miniature donkeys for about ten years now.

I never had any idea what wise and wonderful creatures donkeys were until I got into them. 

I wish everyone could know what loving spirits they are

so maybe they would not be the most abused animal on the planet.


Kate, one of my mules before I bought her.

 Digger & Sandi taking 2nd at Shelbyville, TN.

   Pictures of our place.


Designer Donkeys LN Dante, the man in charge. 11 years old now.


Quarter Moon Flashback, Flash. The junior is 9 years old.

qtr moon

The jacks are both Texas donkeys. Texas likes to be known as the best state for miniature donkeys but not true.  They just started before us!

Let me see…..These were my first 2 donkeys. This is Windcrest Chelsey.


She was a wise jennet and herd leader for many years.  We lost her to hyperlipimia in 2007 while she was pregnant. It was really hard!

This is my pride and joy, C & S Dreams Royal Flush, call name Digger. He is my show gelding and the sweetest, most cooperative guy.  He is 7 years old now.  He was my second born.

pride donkey royal

No, that is not me showing him.  That is his trainer and handler, Sandi Costa from Texas.  These are Texas shows she had him in.



Keira. She is now a guide donkey for a blind 22 year old horse.

guide for blind

Katie, the miniature horse.


Kate, appy mare and Katie mini horse. They are very bonded.

katie appymule

Donkey girls


These are the most recent ones.

C & S Dreams Berry’s Legacy, call name Clay.  His dam. One of our most beloved jennets went down with hyperlipimia before he was born but held on until he was born and 2 weeks old before she died. It was absolutely horrible!  I have her buried here and take flowers to her grave from time to time.  We named Clay after Casssious Clay (Muhammad Ali) the boxer, since I knew he would have to be tough to survive.  He lived in our trailer backed up to our garage so that it would be easier to feed him every 4 hours rather than driving to the barn in the mule in cold weather.  He had a strange fascination with all vehicles. I guess from living in the trailer.  He was a handful and had a mind of his own even as a tiny baby.  He was only with his dam for one day since she had no milk so he didn’t know he was a donkey for at least a year.  Here are some pictures of him.

Clay the mini baby donkey – he was, of course, not spoiled! In my husband’s lap napping.

baby donkey

Having a wrestling match with a bag of hay

baby donkeys



babydonkeywrestling hay

Do you have any clever and cute donkey names to help Kathy (number 2 story) with her three mini donkeys?  Don’t be shy, leave a reply with your donkey names.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


5 Responses to “Three Donkey Farm Stories”

  1. Nancy Oswald

    This was great fun. Thank you for sharing about our donkey, Daisy. I also enjoyed reading about the other donkeys around the country and especially liked the photos of the “babies”.


  2. Haris Ahmad

    nice to see such lovely farms with such lovely donkeys,im haris from pakistan can we be friend Kathy.pls reply me i really want to be there with u in that lovely farm but seems hard……anyhow my e-mail address is



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