"Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained" Melody Johnson

Courage Vs Strength


They say the sun rays coming out of the sky captured in this moment is “the fingers of GOD” I say they are truly one more sweet opportunity to feel GOD all around us.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





5 Responses to “Courage Vs Strength”

  1. Garden Walk Garden Talk

    They call the God Rays because you need certain atmospheric conditions for them to occur. They are not always so often seen. But like you, I think God is around us all the time, it is just if we choose to acknowledge.


  2. Donkey Whisperer Farm

    Hi Sweet Donna,

    I will have to go look this up I did not know this. Learn so much via blogging thank you for reading my blog and most of all for taking a moment to teach me something new. 🙂 Love your blog!



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