"Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained" Melody Johnson

Will You Sign The Petition To Stop Donkey Basketball?


Please select Sign The Petition To Stop Donkey Basketball

Read my article on why Donkey Basketball is abuse.

Read the news paper article 

Watch This Video To Get An Idea Of Donkey Basketball – So sad, donkeys cannot carry too much weight, they buck when hurting and scared.  Donkeys do not like loud noises and lay down when scared or stand still.  Watch the man with the big stick, he is no doubt the owner of these poor donkeys!  This is not funny. 

  • I also encourage you to send a polite note by e-mail the superintendent and high school principal. asking for them to consider use other form of fundraisers not involving animals as entertainment. 
    Jim Witt (Lake School Superintendent) = jwitt@lakeschools.org
    Lee Herman (High School Principal) = lherman@lakeschools.org

    My e-mail

    Urgent Message

    I am the voice for the donkey! 

    Please Stop Donkey Basketball in your school tonight.  I have been studying behavioral science of donkeys since 2007 and sharing education to help people understand them since 2010 for free.  Donkeys do not like loud noises, donkeys should not carry more than 20 % of their weight ever.  Donkeys should not be ridden on the but.  Donkeys who lay down and will not walk are not being stubborn they are scared and hurting from abuse. Donkeys are smart not stubborn and they will do anything including lay down, buck and not walk thus why kids are pulling on them, to not be hurt by someone.  Donkeys only buck when the rider is hurting them and they are too heavy or they are scared to death…

    What are you teaching the children?

    Abuse a humble donkey and laugh at them when they are scared to death and lay down?  What do you think this teaches them to do to other children who are not strong enough to defend themselves?

    Please stop this abuse and find another way to make money for your school without abusing the humble donkeys.  These donkeys will have a very difficult time trusting any human after being subjected to this abuse over and over again.  Think about what you are doing to these humble animals, think about what you are doing to teach children “We Your School Leaders Agree With Bullying and Abuse Of Helpless Animals, in fact it’s ok to pick on anything that cannot defend itself.”  REALLY?


    Melody Johnson

    Donkey Whisperer Farm, Washington




GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





4 Responses to “Will You Sign The Petition To Stop Donkey Basketball?”

  1. Serenity

    It’s so stupid. People will do anything for sport. I couldn’t watch the whole thing because it was so stupid. I was sitting here thinking, it is so odd to see a horse, well in this case, a donkey in a gym. In school. What if they go to the bathroom. If they go #2, it would be easy to scoop off the smooth floor. But yes, it really didn’t look like those poor donkeys were having fun and I was not thrilled to see that referee with a stick. It reminded me of the guys at the cattle auctions my dad would take me to when I was a little girl. Those guys were not nice to the cows, so I can only imagine what that referee would use that stick for. Yeah, donkey basketball needs to go. I’m going to go over and sign that petition and sign it for you and give it some shares. Stupid humans. The adults should know better but the kids may or may not. The key word here is ‘should’… xo


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Please write a letter to the school and tell them why they should Stop this donkey basketball abuse tonight. Share on your blog encourage your readers to write an e-mail. Time is running out for these donkeys. These donkeys are Not given any food or water for many, many hours before the Donkey Basketball event to try and avoid going to the bathroom when scared, donkeys sweat when scared, poop diareaha, lay down, wont walk stand still and buck. This is so sad. Education and awareness is the only way to help people understand the humble donkey. Enough is enough. Not to mention what it is teaching the children to abuse a helpless animal now wonder bullying in school is such a big deal.



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