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Fireworks and Pets

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<p>Happy July 4th!!!!

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Fireworks and Pets Not A Good Combination:

Plan ahead to keep pets safe; owning pets is a huge responsibility and for those of us who have equine (donkeys, horses and mules) living in rural areas we must be extra careful.  The equine is a prey animal meaning  they get scared when the fireworks start, and the smell is in the air.  Some horses have been known to run into fences.  Locking them in their stalls is the safest when neighbors are shooting off fireworks I turn the radio up and give lot’s of hay and fresh water.

Want to read more tips on pet safety and fireworks?  Select Blue Cross Pets Fireworks for more details.

Dogs and cats can get so scared of fireworks they can run off and not be able to find their way home best to keep them locked in the house too. Our doggies get very stressed, turning…

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3 Responses to “Fireworks and Pets”

    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Fireworks are banned in some places but still people blow them off M-80’s and they are loud. Not much a person can do except have a plan and keep the animals safe as the police are way too busy trying to deal with all the other problems that happen on the big 4th of July holiday. My vet lost her dog to fireworks last year so sad.



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