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Rio’s New Custom Fitted Saddle Australian Saddle



15 minute ride in Rio’s new ausie saddle with no bit, no spurs teaching him

how to get some steering he has the whoaaa down 🙂


One saddle does not fit each equine or the rider.  The saddle needs to be custom fit for the equine back, withers and the seat size of the rider.  This saddle fits Rio’s back (flat as a board no withers) my husband Scott perfectly and I can ride in it too a bit big is better than too small for the rider.  

“Saddle fitting was something that took me many hours of research and purchasing the wrong expensive saddle leaving my horse with sores.  I had no idea how complicated it could be after all when I was a kid at thirteen it was easy I just got on my horse and took off for rides after school, I was a kid and a bit lighter than I am today.”

Why did we wait until Rio was seven years old to order his custom fit saddle?

Rio is a Mammoth donkey meaning his body took seven years to mature.  Select When To Start An Equine Under Saddle for more detailed information.

What saddle company did we use and why?

We used the Down Under Saddle Aussie Company as I had used this company to fit my short backed quarter horse Miss Lily after a western saddle did not fit.  This company is outstanding at helping to teach how to do a custom fit.  We did wither tracing, photos and talked on the phone before picking out Rio’s custom fit Snowy River saddle.  This saddle fits perfectly sweat marks are complete, no dry areas causing white spots from rubbing.  This company helped me get the crupper and breast collar along with a horn.  If you have never ridden in an aussie saddle you are missing out in long trail rides as they are light and very comfortable.

I highly recommend the down under saddle company for fitting all horses, donkeys and mules as they have excellent return policies and provide amazing products.

A photo of my horse Miss Lily wearing her Syd Hills Ausi saddle ordered in 2009,

saddle weighs 18 1bs.


Here she is wearing the 341b Billy Cook Western Saddle

 I doubt I could lift this saddle today

 Not as comfortable on a three to four-hour trail ride

as my Aussie Syd Hills Saddle

1st ride with saddle today

Me riding Ms. Lily before the car accident in 2010 with her ausi saddle


Photo before 2009 I added a back cinch to help keep the saddle in place trail riding for Miss Lily 



I am praying I can try to ride my horse for at least 15 minutes in the arena this summer as it has been three years and four months, too long I miss my horse Miss Lily.  Trail riding is still my long-term goal as I miss three and four-hour rides, nothing like it.  Fifteen minutes on Rio was better than nothing!  GOD is amazing, never give up!!!

Remember when training the horse, donkey or mule to keep training sessions short. Always end the session with something the equine knows how to do and enjoys doing such as eating a bit of grass on the other side of the fence before brushing and putting away.  Remember Donkeys think about everything and never forget a thing, some horses such as mine Miss Lily are exactly the same way.

I am disabled but not dead…. I provide free training, coaching and consulting at

I continue to pray one day I can start my own consulting, coaching and training business under the Donkey Whisperer Farm but this is in GOD’s hands not mine.  My health is still a battle and I enjoy helping for free as teaching the human how to teach the equine is always the best way especially with donkeys and mules. Not a good idea to send them off to a trainer learn how to be the best human you can be for your equine as you are the smart human, you chose the equine they did not choose you.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged! Melody


7 Responses to “Rio’s New Custom Fitted Saddle Australian Saddle”

  1. Serenity

    Awesome! I have heard good things about Down Under Aussie Saddle Company and I believe I may have gotten a few of their catalogs years ago. Is it true that their saddles are lighter than their counterparts, the western saddle? I would love to ride in one someday. I am going to check out there site.
    And have you ridden since we last chatted about it? I have been praying for you. I hope you have gotten a change to ride.
    How have you been feeling? I have finally gotten back surgery scheduled. I am having an anterior interbody lumbar fusion on 03 September. My ssi/ssd hearing is on 16 September. I am cutting it close but I have to do it. My lawyers have told me having this surgery greatly increases my chances of getting it. I have been in a considerable amount of pain laterly. I cannot sit up straight nor walk straight…just agnonizing pain…ugh!
    Hope you are well, my dear friend! Talk soon 🙂 xo


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Hi my friend,

      Yes the ausie saddle for my horse is 18 1bs the western is 34 1bs. Riding in the ausie saddle is much more comfortable than the western saddle I have tried to sit in my western saddle on the saddle stand and cant do it hurts my hips too bad. Rio’s ausie saddle seems better, my left hip has severe arthritis growing and it gets tight so I lowered the stirups more than should have for riding but he is safe. Not sure how my ausi saddle and my back will work out when I get on my horse. My back, hip and ribs have been sore for sure but nothing going backwards. I am very happy with the new medicine my doctor is prescribing but health insurance is starting to not cover it so praying this gets worked out as I have severe nerve damage from the semi-truck and the three screws in my pelvis. I am so sorry for your upcoming surgery I will pray for you please keep me updated. 🙂


      • Serenity

        Have you tried a bareback pad for you to ride on? Or do you prefer to ride in a saddle for safety reasons? I pray you can find some way to be comfortable so you can ride.
        Health insurance is getting really bad. They are not wanting to cover anything and who can really afford to pay out of pocket for a medicine or treatment that costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars? It’s terrible 😦 I am lucky my medications are covered except for a pain relieving cream(like icy hot) that my rheumatologist prescribed me that isn’t because it is made from raw materials that my insurance won’t cover and I cannot afford to pay the $70 a tube…it is terrible. Will stick with the icy hot…it works pretty good 😀
        I’ll keep you posted for sure! You hang in there, my friend! 🙂


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      I highly suggest you contact Rickki at the downunder store as she is the expert. Depending on the equine and what you are doing the girth changes. I use the neopreme one on Rio Lily has one custom made with her syd hills custom saddle no longer in busines syd hills. Anyway contact RICKKI she is amazing and she will teach you how to to a custom wither tracing and which saddle fits the back of the equine you want to fit the best. Nothing feels like an aussie saddle on a trail ride they are very comfortable and cost effective along with light. I like light. 🙂



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