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Searching For Hay With Low Sugar For My Horse, Donkey or Mule

Before you buy your hay read this post.


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What Can I Do To Help My Donkey, Horse or Mule (equine) To Prevent Laminitis (sugar diabetes) in equine? Never feed alfalfa hay as this hay is too high in sugar for Donkeys, mules or even horses that are easy keepers.

For almost ninety days while I was sick from the accident Rio and Rocket Man were not put out in their paradise paddock; brush and trails hardly any grass, lots of  hills and stumps to eat.  Additionally Rio and Lily did not get exercise in the arena.  Rio put on some excessive weight as Mammoth donkeys can put weight on fast, they are easy keepers.

Everything I have researched and learned I have shared to help you and your equine, remember we can all help one another.  As it is my desire in life to share information via the tools GOD has given me.


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