Plastic Slow Feeder, Diet, Test our Hay, Exercise To Help In The Prevention Of Colic and More

Please read why I use a slow feeder on a dry paddock

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Here on the Donkey Whisperer Farm we have one Mammoth donkey, one Mini Donkey and One horse. Donkeys are wood eaters and well horses who live in a dry paddock can become wood eaters. Our equine live on a dry paddock and the donkeys have a paradise paddock full of stumps to chew on for about an hour a day in the nice weather.  My horse has a pasture she can graze on about an hour a day and that’s it as she is not being ridden and not burning any calories.  Last year finally I found the Valley Vet Plastic Slow feeder Slow Feeder I purchased one and then a week later the second one.

Why Do I Love This Slow Feeder?

Horses, Donkeys and mules were built by GOD in Jesus Christ name to graze all day a little never starving for hours at a time and…

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