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Three Years, Four Months After The Semi Truck Accident – First Ride On Miss Lily

Update on my health

I continue to work extra hard while walking a fine line of not over doing it and causing back, hip and rib spasms as I do not want to go backwards again.  While working in physical therapy in the gym I always wore my Ariate horse riding gloves to lift weights as my goal has always been to try to ride again. Every lap I took swimming was a determination to get strong enough to ride again.  Over the past three years I have attended physical therapy two and three days a week, very difficult but necessary.

Melody Kissing Rio

I still shiver and pray when a semi-truck or any kind of big commercial farm truck passes me but I trust GOD to take care of me and refuse to live my life locked away afraid to step out into the world again.  Wondering what my story is select GOD created a miracle for me to read.

I am finally able to ride our mammoth donkey Rio and my horse Miss Lily again.  Starting out slowly only 15 minute rides to give my hips, back and pelvis a chance to use the core muscles deeply again. My doctor continues to give me prescription medication to help stop the nerve damage pain caused by the three large screws in my pelvis, these screws will never come out and as I age it will get harder and harder for me as the arthritis accelerates in my hips.


Every time I drive to a doctor appointment, grocery store or anywhere I see a woman about my age taking her horse in her horse trailer for a ride in an arena or trail ride.  My horse trailer has been sitting in the yard for over three years now my next big milestone is to drive it again. Car accidents such as the one I survived are really difficult to beat as well I almost died several times and I still suffer from pain not to mention I have some wicked scars on my ribs and back. I believe in Jesus Christ and I refuse to live in fear, I want my life back and I am grateful GOD is giving me this opportunity even if it is just a few minutes in my arena.

015 (5)


Melody's First Ride On Lilly 7_12_2013

“These large stainless steel screws (hip bone to hip bone) and one down my right hip cause my feet and ankles to go numb, rib spasms, hip spasms and lower back pain”.  I am happy to report the new medication is helping me get back to doing more and for this I am grateful.  My doctor is one smart woman, she has never given up on the balancing act of helping me fight this pain and suffering and not over medicate me.  I am forever grateful to her and all the people who saved my life and helped to get me rehabilitated enough to get on my equine again.  I am stiff and it is very difficult to swing the leg up and over but oh my how wonderful it feels to get to sit on their backs and take a walk around the arena.

Photo of the surgically installed stainless steel screws in my pelvis 


Here are a few photos of my first ride on Miss Lily and second on Mr. Rio, never forget no matter how long it takes to never give up, remember GOD is amazing he is working on our problems even when it feels like he has forgotten us.  I am so happy and grateful to GOD in Jesus Christ name!

“Before the semi-truck accident I was preparing to start my own business under the Donkey Whisperer Farm, we continue to pray GOD will heal me enough to do this.  To date I help people for free consulting, training, coaching how to keep their equine in optimum health.  My dream is to have my own business and perhaps GOD will give me this dream one day.”




GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged! Melody


9 Responses to “Three Years, Four Months After The Semi Truck Accident – First Ride On Miss Lily”

    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Thank you GOD plants a seed in our hearts, mind and soul and GOD can make these dreams come true if we but trust him. I am putting all my faith in Jesus as my life is in his hands. GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged! Melody


  1. Steve Rebus

    You’re such an inspiration to me and others! Your courage, bravery and determination is simply amazing! I’m so happy that you can get to have a ride on your beautiful friends again, and i pray that you’ll live out more of your dreams too! God bless you and your family (2 & 4 legged) 😀


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Thank you so very much Steve, tears of joy as I really did not know if this day would ever come again. Three years and four months of pain and suffering, going back to not one but three different physical therapists and being a human wondering if my day would ever come as the pain was just too great, still suffer from chronic pain but much more controlled with the new medicine. Praying insurance keeps paying for it as it is very expensive. As they say one step forward two steps back, pain is such an over powering thing to deal with. This disability is a disability but the real me is still inside of me the human being GOD created me to be is still inside and GOD placed that smile back on my face it has been such a long time since I had a real smile as pain steals joy. GOD restores everything if we let him take the wheel in life and stop trying to control everything. GOD in Jesus Christ name is amazing and I am grateful to have met you too! GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


  2. Heidi

    I had an accident with a horse (not mine) about 7 years ago that resulted in a broken femur and severed femoral artery. I too have a couple screws in my hip. Also a titanium rod inside my femur and screws near my knee. Although I can not totally relate to your accident, I can relate to the fear, pain and therapy that was needed to get my mobility back. It took about a year for most of the pain to leave and to feel normal again. I can not imagine living in that physical therapy for so many years like you have. I think the therapy was the most painful part of my whole ordeal. Also, to overcome that fears I developed from my accident, which you may also have had to deal with.

    Anyway, all that to say, thank you for sharing your story. You are a true inspiration and what a testimony you have to the Lord’s faithfulness! I know you are an encouragement to others that may feel like giving up on their dream.


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Hi Heidi,

      Well I can honestly say fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) was huge for me as this took faith in Jesus Christ, faith in my training of my equine and setting myself and my equine up for success before trying to get my leg over the saddle, most importantly controlling the pain and increasing my endurance for physical activities. My horse and Mammoth donkey were trained at a very young age to ground tie and not move when boarding and getting off them. This has been a GOD sent as they stand still and do not move until I give them a little squeeze. I have seen too many accidents from people who do not take the time to train the equine to stand when getting on and off one friend had screws put in her ankle from being drug when the horse took off while trying to board during a trail ride.

      My future son-in law broke his femur he has a long rod but he is 28 years old and has very little pain and suffering. I am 53 years old and the body just does not respond the same as we age. The stainless steel screws do much better in the warm dry weather than the cold, wet, snowy weather and I wear long johns from Oct to April living in Western Washington under my clothes.

      You are correct physical therapy is painful, mentally, emotionally and physically as they hurt you in trying to rehabiliate you it is very painful but necessary if we want our life back, thank GOD for all three of my physical therapists but I am most grateful to the last one as he is the one who helped me get my ribs to move and get stronger, he made it possible for me to beleive I could get on my equine again without excruicating pain. Only 15 minutes but a wonderful 15 minutes for me. 🙂

      Nice to meet you and thank you for reading my blog and taking a momment to comment and connect with me. I love hearing from the people who read my blog 🙂



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