Western Wild Horses Shipped to Oklahoma

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Unedited Source: Reported by: Janna Clark for Fox23.com

“It’s tragic. So many animals killed. Babies vanish…”

The government is spending your money — millions — to protect wild horses and bring them to Oklahoma.

But it’s how those horses got here that’s causing concern.

Horses you can see as you drive along the Creek Turnpike, just east of Tulsa are wild horses.

The federal government pays ranchers in Oklahoma to take care of them.

The Bureau of Land Management runs the program and gathers horses and burros in western states.

Horse owner Pam Smith says the way crews gather the animals with helicopters is cruel.

“Imagine the heat we have today. Multiply that in the desert. Horses of all ages run for two hours. Babies that run, they die of exhaustion,” Smith said.

Smith says horses are herd animals, and she doesn’t agree with the BLM’s way of separating…

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