What Gifts Do Natural Animal Trainers Have?

DonkeyTimeDid you know Horses, Donkeys and Mules help us humans increase emotional intelligence?
Emotional Intelligence is something we all need but few have a high degree of naturally!

Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog


Did you ever think about this subject in detail before?  “Animals can not speak our language yet we see how they can learn our language and we can quickly see how they can not thus the dog whisperer for red zone dogs and humans trying to learn what to do for their beloved pet.”  For example a dog can learn to sit, stay, wait, down etc., but first the owner has to be taught how to teach the dog and be consistent, fair, honest each time, most of the behavior training is taught to the human first and then to the dog.  Now let’s look at the other side of the coin for this subject.  Animals have a strong sixth sense and their sense of people, places, danger is dead on accurate in most cases before we their human leader even start to notice a problem our dogs or equine has alerted us to…

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