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Trust GOD For Everything As Life Is Fragile and Precious

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,


We have been having the most amazing summer in the Pacific Northwest after three years of hardly any summer finally GOD shined on the Pacific Northwest.  The screws in my pelvis like the warm dry weather and this helps me in combination with the medicine the doctor has changed most recently. Select Life is Fragile and Precious to read more.

“Never give up keep praying and asking GOD to give you your miracle I had to wait three years for the doctors to find the right medicine to help me with the pain and spasms.”  GOD gave the doctors the idea and I am now living a much easier life.

I remember praying to GOD to let me ride again, go out to eat after 5:00pm, cook again, walk without pain, work in my garden a bit and much, much more.  I am pleased to say I can ride small amounts of time and this is no doubt helping my core muscles and most important my emotions and mind.  I truly believe riding is going to strengthen my core muscles as nothing else has been able to do it.  I can only walk but it is wonderful to be up and on my equine again.  I tried to do a little jog on my horse but it is too much jarring I miss being able to trail ride for three and four hours and oh how I miss cantering my horse.  Perhaps GOD will give these back to me one day too?


I trained Miss Lily and Rio to stand and not move when I get on and get off.  I am so happy I trained her and spent the time with this over and over.  Why?  It is very difficult for me to swing my leg up over the saddle to get on and to swing it to get off.  My horse and Donkey both stand perfectly for me, thank you Jesus!


After three years of not getting to ride my horse and Mammoth donkey I had fear touch me.  I feel the need to share fear started to take over in my mind as I am in pain each and every day and must take pain medication to control it.  I give all the glory to GOD as I pray GOD will keep me safe and let me do what I love to do safely with no accidents.

The semi-truck accident happened while riding as a passenger with a friend who ran a stop sign by accident, not from riding my horse or donkey!

I can honestly say to you “If you have something you want to do with your life get going as life is fragile and precious.”  Before the accident I was able to get on my horse without a step.  Work in my garden, clean my own house, dance, run, ride bikes, swim, hike, snow shoe and much, much more.  Oh how I miss standing in the river fishing with my husband probably will never get to do this again.  At least I have the memory I tried as many things as I could.

Melody Kissing Rio

My grandmother is 93 and at the end of her life I love her so very much.


 “If you spend any time with a person at the end of their life they will always tell you the same thing over and over. I wish I would  have spent more time doing ——– ——- ————– ————- ———- you can fill in the blanks.”

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


4 Responses to “Trust GOD For Everything As Life Is Fragile and Precious”

  1. becky6259

    Your pictures are so precious, and your story is inspirational! Thank you so much for following my blog, and I want to read more of yours, so I’ll be following you back. And, I must say, my favorite picture in your blog so far is the precious one of you kissing your sweet donkey!



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