"Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained" Melody Johnson

Jesus, Life, Animals, marriage and Unconditional Love

4 Responses to “Jesus, Life, Animals, marriage and Unconditional Love”

  1. Hot Rod Cowgirl

    I feel the very same way with our animals. I was raised an only child on a very isolated cattle ranch so I learned early on to listen to the animals and to feel their hearts and spirits. I love our horses, dogs, kitties and various birds etc. that we share our home with. Like you over the years of going through different things we have often been left out and forgotten…even though it hurts at times, one day a few years ago God told me to let it go and just relax….so that is what we do now. Anyway, you are in my prayers and heart for your continued recovery and for a beautiful week ahead. God Bless You and Keep You…May He Always Watch Over You



  2. Donkey Whisperer Farm

    Interesting how GOD told you this I have total peace over this situation and I look forward to all the amazing things GOD is going to do with our life. GOD is amazing and he never, never, never leaves his children. GOD does not like people hurting his children in any way and the bible is clear we are to not judge or hold any anger, resentment we should pray and wipe the dust off our feet and move on trusting Jesus all the way into our new life.

    I only share this as so many people I met via physical therapy going three years having cancer, car accidents and worse things told me over and over how all or most of their friends left when trauma hit not at first but after a few months as they could no longer do the activities they did with their friends before. Each and every person shared the pain and grief of the loss of their humans friends.

    Years ago while I was in my darkest hour missing my long time friends of over thirty years GOD told me inside my heart that all of the people who deserted you will return when I get you healthier, they will want to come back into your life.

    I think GOD created animals to be our human angels as he understood how weak most humans are. Animals are angels sent by GOD to help us humans be the best we can be. 🙂 I love your blog! Melody


  3. becky6259

    Your photos are precious and wonderful, Melody! I especially like the one with the dogs sitting in the chairs on the beach — how well-behaved they must be! My mom has never been disabled to the point that the accident left you, but she did tell me once that when she lost her hearing she gradually became really lonely. I was surprised by this, and she said that all of her friends just gradually stopped talking to her — it was too much effort to communicate with her now that she couldn’t hear them. Your story touched my heart as well, and brought to mind the old saying about having fair-weather friends. You have wonderful strength and faith, and I really like your blog! Blessings to you!


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Hi Becky,
      My strength comes form Jesus Christ I could have never ever endured all of the physical, mental and emotional pain without Jesus holding my right hand. Second is my GOD sent husband who is also a child of Jesus Christ. Thank you for reading my blog and taking a moment to comment and get to meet me vise a versa me you.



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