Humane Society Receives A $760K Grant To Save The Wild Burros (Donkeys)

UPDATE – Please re-blog to save the life of some wild donkeys if these donkeys are not placed they will end up in kill buyers at the auction.

God bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog


Update 9/5/2013


Thanks so much for your willingness to help out with The Platero Project.

Please see this link for a press release we issued a few months ago about this project:

We are working in cooperation with the BLM-promoting their adoption events via Facebook, blog, twitter, networks of donkey lovers, etc.-a link to the BLMs adoption schedule can be found here:

Numbers of burros that end up at each event varies and usually is not known until a few days before the event I do know that 14 are headed to Decatur, AL for adoption tomorrow and Saturday.

Pictures are usually not possible, unless I can talk a specific BLM employee into snapping a couple of photos.

Attached is the application for the Burro Training Program I mentioned to you earlier. Trainers need to fill it out and return it to me via email at

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