"Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained" Melody Johnson

A Ride On Miss Lily No Bit, No Spurs

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Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

Yesterday I was able to get back on Miss Lily for a thirty minute ride, I have to use the stair steps to get on.  I rode her with no bit just her Parelli rope halter and no spurs as I do not use spurs.  Whenever I start a horse, donkey or mule I start them in baby steps. “The bit comes last and is never used with a beginner rider, I always put the bittless bridle on for beginners.”

Never get on a horse without making sure you have a connection “I Say Make Sure You Have Their Head”

I have been a home study student of Parrell since 2007.  I am very grateful to this program as my horse and mammoth donkey are trained to not move when I board or get off. Remember mounting and dismounting is the most dangerous part if the equine spooks you can be drug in the stir up.  I planned ahead and trained my equine to have a strong foundation for riding, I train using verbal words along with physical cues.

If you do your ground work and make your foundation solid no bit is required to ride a horse.  The bit is really bad for beginner riders as we humans should never ever pull on the mouth when riding.  Like a musical instrument the bit is to be used lightly.  Miss Lily did neck reining for the first time with me on her as I have not been able to ride for over three years.  I teach all of this stuff on the ground as preparation is safety and as you can guess I am into safety after surviving a semi-truck accident leaving me with thee large screws in my pelvis and pain each and every day.

Think about how you feel when pain is given to you?

All of my donkeys and horse understand verbal words they do not need to be hurt to learn they learn from clear communication along with consistent training techniques. A treat helps tremendously with the correct timing and the equine not demanding the treat.

It’s hard to see how unfit we both are after three years but with time I believe both my horse and me will get fit again.

A photo of me and Miss Lily weeks before the semi truck accident 2010



One day this dream will come true!

Thank you for all of your prayers, GOD heard them!  I am truly a miracle and I am grateful to Jesus for this little thing called life, it is my desire to pay it forward and help others the best I can. If you have donkey, mule or horse questions send me an e-mail at Melody@donkeywhisperer.com.  I am free until I am strong enough to start my consulting, coaching and training business.  “I will be coaching, consulting and teaching the owner how to train the donkey, horse or mule with the end result of you becoming the Donkey Whisperer for your farm.”  


GOD in Jesus Christ name is amazing!





6 Responses to “A Ride On Miss Lily No Bit, No Spurs”

    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Wonderful to meet you and I will go look at your blog again. I think I have before hmm it’s early. Thank you for reading my blog and taking a few seconds to connect with me I love to meet my readers.


  1. jolynnpowers

    actualy had a horse walk off acciedent and was trapped hanging up side down on the wrong side of the horse buy my stirup just like you warned… the horse had not be trained to stand but to walk at the mount… very very scarry… my husband and son had already left for the trail ride we were about to attend and I was alone and on a road when it happened…. let the horse walk a little while before a found a softer place to land on my head and back and eventualy twisted my one foot free… landed on my shoulder and rolled into a ” soft drainage ditch before a car came and killed us both… great advice from some one who knows the danger of a walk off at the mount.


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Hi I am happy to hear you survived. Foundation work must be done before we begin riding even when purchasing older horses as we do not know what has been taught to them.

      As a kid I was drug and I survived as well I was a kid. When I got back into horses in my late 40’s I wanted everything to be as safe as possible. A riding buddy I had before the accident had an older horse and never took the time to teach this mare to wait. In fact my horse was the youngests of all the horses I rode with and my horse was the only horse who would wait until I told her to walk. My riding buddy after stopping for a bathroom break went to get on and was drug had to go to the trauma hospital and get many screws in her ankle. Safety is always number one, have a plan each and every time you are with your equine and things will go smoother. When I was able to start riding my horse in the arena for small rides this summe now I have to use the mounting block. Swinging my right leg over where they drilled the screws in my pelvis is difficult but my horse never moves a hair. She was trained as a youngster that I may take 4 or 5 minutes before I am ready to walk on. Thank you for reading my blog and taking a moment to connect with me.


  2. Serenity

    Yay! Go Melody! Good job! You looked great up there. Keep working at it and work those cobwebs out of those stiff bones and muscles. You have traveled a long and weary road but you got the prize at the end. Someday, it will be you and me riding down the trail. I can feel it in my weary old bones! 😉 So happy for you! I am keeping you close to my heart and in my prayers.



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