"Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained" Melody Johnson

Prayers For Help


“The Lord my God holds my right hand; He is the Lord, Who says to me, Fear not; I will help you! ISAIAH 41:13”


“Because the Lord God helps me, I will not be dismayed; therefore, I have set my face like flint to do his will, and I know that I will triumph. ISAIAH 50:7 (TLB)”


“I leave my troubles with the Lord, and He will defend me; He never lets honest people be defeated. PSALM 55:22 (GNT)”


“I take comfort and am encouraged and confidently and boldly say, The Lord is my Helper; I will not be seized with alarm (I will not fear or dread or be terrified).” HEBREWS 13:6


I highly suggest you purchase The Secret Power of Speaking GOD’s Word by Joyce Meyer to keep with you as this little book helps me memorize GOD’s word when I am stressed and scared.  We have to put our foot in the water or in my case the stir up before GOD will take action it’s a little thing called faith.

A thank you note to our father in heaven

Thank you father for sending your only son Jesus Christ to be our savior. Thank you for holding both me and my husbands right hand in the middle of trauma.  Thank you Jesus for all you have done to help our most fragile world, please create peace in our world.  Thank you Jesus for all the blessings, favor and love that you have surrounded our family with. We continue to pray for our entire family to come to their knees to make you their Lord and Savior. We are most grateful father in Jesus Christ most precious name Amen.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





4 Responses to “Prayers For Help”

  1. Serenity

    Amen! I believe in all these truths here! God may not always grant exactly what we want, but exactly what we need, The Lord always keeps His promises.


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      Hi Serenity,

      Jesus in not santa clause and I have had many of my prayers to be left unanswered lot’s of questions when I get to heaven. Still I trust GOD to take care of all of my needs as he is my father in heaven and he knows everything from the beginning to the end. The bible states he new us before we were in the womb and he has counted every hair on our head.

      I hope your doctor has given you some new meds for your pain. Love Melody



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